28 novembre 2019


Dublin, Irlande


Björk – a creative powerhouse in otherworldly clothing – is redefining live music
Earlier this week, Canadian musician Grimes made the claim that due to new technologies and the advancement of AI culture “live music is going to be obsolete soon”. However, speaking as the woman who goes out with Elon Musk, or “the voice of silicon fascist privilege” as musician Zola Jesus so eloquently put it on Twitter, she could not be more wrong, because Björk’s experimentation with worlds old, new and yet to exist defies that theory entirely.
Unafraid to challenge herself and to challenge her audience, she has the vision (and the finances) to take the leaps so that others can eventually take teeny, tiny baby steps. Irish Times

’Cornucopia’ is a blend of arena concert, left-field Broadway musical and capricious art-show. It was originally commissioned by New York venue the Shed and Björk has clearly been indulged to an extent. Irish Examiner

Immersed in all this pageantry are Björk’s songs, brought to a new dimension by her band and most notably the troupe of costumed flautists (“Flutes rock !”). Venus As A Boy is performed with a single flute and vocal, the singer still exploring the song’s possibilities some 26 years after its composition. With ‘Cornucopia’ she continues to explore the intricacies of performance art, an immersive onslaught of form, fantasy and fatalism.
Visuals continually play tricks on the mind and eye. Anthropomorphic figures suddenly emerge from the darkness then fizzle into the ether just as quickly, like painkillers dissolving in water. A shoal of fish becomes a multitude of bristling petals. GoldenPlec

Première partie

par Hamrahlid Choir
01. Ísland, farsælda frón
02. Vísur vatnsenda-rósu
03. Sonnets/Unrealities XI
04. Cosmogony


01. Family (intro)
02. The Gate
03. Utopia
04. Arisen My Senses
05. Show Me Forgiveness
06. Venus as a Boy
07. Claimstaker
08. Isobel
09. Blissing Me
10. flute solo
11. Body Memory
12. Hidden Place
13. Mouth’s Cradle
14. Features Creatures
15. Courtship
16. Pagan Poetry
17. Losss
18. Sue Me
19. Tabula Rasa

Discours de Greta Thunberg

20. Future Forever
21. Notget

sur scène

  • Bergur Þórisson
  • Katie Buckley
  • Manu Delago
  • The Hamrahlíð Choir
  • Viibra (flutists)


habillée par

  • Hungry
  • Iris van Herpen
  • James Merry
  • John Vial


  • Andrew Thomas Huang
  • Tobias Gremmler
  • Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones


  • Santiago Felipe