Antony Hegarty

How did the collaborations with Antony Hegarty on your new album come about ?

Well, we have mutual friends in New York so I sort of met him and he came to Iceland to play and I was showing him stuff and he came to a club so it was the most organic musical relationship on this album. In the end we decided, with three days notice, to go to Jamaica. It’s only a three-hour flight [from New York] and we found a cheap studio on the internet. So we were swimming in the ocean and eating fruit from the trees and singing, which is the opposite of what we as northern hemisphere, white-skin-andblack-clothes people normally do.

Were you a fan of his voice ?

Yeah I was. I didn’t pick up on it immediately, but I think he has incredible potential. I think his best stuff is yet to come and he played me his new stuff a week ago in New York and it’s amazing. I think I can say we are friends now. And I don’t use that word lightly. Most of my friends are from Iceland since I was a kid.

Attitude - 12.05.2007