our love was my womb
but our bond has broken
my shield is gone
my protection is taken
i am one wound
my pulsating body
suffering being

my heart is enormous lake
black with potion
i am blind
drowning in this ocean

my soul torn apart
my spirit is broken
into the fabric of all
he is woven
you fear my limitless emotions
i am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions
did i love you too much
devotion bent me broken
so i rebelled
destroyed the icon

i did it for love
i honored my feelings
you betrayed your own heart
corrupted that organ

family was always our sacred mutual mission
which you abandoned

you have nothing to give
your heart is hollow
i’m drowned in sorrows
no hope in sight of ever recover
eternal pain and horrors

i am a glowing shiny rocket
returning home
as i enter the atmosphere
i burn off layer by layer

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Black Lake

Le film de Black Lake a été présenté dans une installation sonore et visuelle lors la rétrospective au MoMA.


Production : Björk et Arca
Ecriture : Björk
Composition : Björk
Programmation : Arca et Björk
Ingénieurs du son : Chris Elms, Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata et Bart Migal
Mixage : The Haxan Cloak

Björk à propos du titre

J’étais vraiment gênée par cette chanson. Je peux encore difficilement l’écouter.

Pitchfork - Janvier 2015

I think I was mostly focused on emotion. This is the record’s hardest song for me. It was written three months after the divorce. I flew to Japan and didn’t manage to adjust to the time difference, because… you know…
It was really the bottom for me, in that process. I had checked into this wonderful health retreat to recover from the jetlag, it was just me and James [Merry, Björk’s assistant] and his boyfriend Jón, acting silly and having laughing fits. And there were these hot springs and everyone was wearing Samurai clothes, as if we were in a Japanese animé.
I would operate on Icelandic time, sleeping through the day, spending my nights soaking in the hotsprings by myself. And I wrote this song, insanely jetlagged, and I had to work through this feeling…
It’s like, when you’re trying to express something and you sort of start, but then nothing comes out. You can maybe utter five words and then you’re just stuck in the pain. And the chords in-between, they sort of represent that. Those minutes of stuttering silence. Then, you maybe manage a few more words, and then you’re stuck again.
We called them “the freezes,” these moments between the verses. They’re longer than the verses, actually. It’s just that one emotion when you’re stuck. It is hard, but it’s also the only way to escape the pain, just going back and having another go, trying to make another verse.
Black Lake also employs a method that I used a long time ago, in a song off Post that’s called Possibly Maybe. In that song, each verse was named after a month, it was nine verses for nine months. Actually, some of those verses wound up being cut, and of course it’s not at all as dramatic, but it shares with Black Lake a… a temporality ? As in, the song progresses through time. The first verse happens a month after… I can’t remember for sure, but the second verse is maybe a week later, and the next verse is a week after that.
By the time we reach the last verse, something has changed, something is different.

reykjavik grapevine, Janvier 2015

I felt almost embarrassed about some of what’s on that album. Like with Black Lake. It’s so full of self-pity. However, it feels a little different if I can say : “that song was written three months after the divorce—give me a break ! I was maybe feeling really sorry for myself and filled with cowardice when I wrote that, but a few months have passed—I’m doing better now !”
So there’s also humour in it. But I could barely stand to play it for my friends. I felt embarrassed.

reykjavik grapevine, Janvier 2015


Black Lake (Bloom Remix) 3:14 Bloom