Debut being strong

People often ask me if I know why I only became really famous after I traded the Sugarcubes for a solo career. But I don’t really understand that myself. Even though I do have a suspicion. There’s a strange kind of law that says : the more selfish you do something, the stronger the result will eventually be. I started on Debut with that idea. I made that record from a completely egoistic point of view : I was only pleasing myself and making a record I would buy. Because if I’d concentrated on other peoiple’s tastes and on the question whether other people would appreciate what I did, a sort of compromise-album would have emerged. And you can hear something like that right away : an album like that just radiates insecurity and doubt. Because of that too, a lot of people thought that Debut was a very string, very powerful album, I think. But you know, maybe Post is another story and nobody likes it.

Oor, 6/95