General MacArthur

General MacArthur noticed that the bombings did not only kill and melt many people but for many years the conditions were difficult. There was unemployment and for many years people starved. There was no food or anything.

He took matters into his own hands and convinced the Japanese to change their war ships into whale factories, something like freezing plants on the sea. He convinced the US government - there was some regret there which is uncommon among generals - to maybe revoke the whaling ban for them and so they went out to sea and hunted, and hunted, and hunted whale. They ate whale meat and made clothing out the whale skin and sold whale, everything was connected to the whale. And this helped the Japanese economy to recover.
And then the Japanese, like they are, started sending thousand and thousands of packages to the general - letters in childish English.

Iceland Review, 10 august 2005