Harm Of Will

MI : Before we play some of the cds - a very interesting stack of cds - you’ve brought in, we thought we’d play a track from your latest album, ’Vespertine’, and we’ve selected - or I think you’ve selected -it - ’Harm of Will’. What is it about this track that makes it a particular favourite ?

B : I guess it caught the mood I was after really well ; it was a challenge for me, I wanted to go really lyrical, so it wasn’t beat-orientated. And it was like freetime, and it was sort of poetry-based, as opposed to verse-chorus-verse-chorus.

MI : There’s a very nice effect : it sound’s as though you’ve cut up your own breath ; it sounds like you’ve sampled your own breathing and cut it up, is that right ?

B : Yeah, I took the vocal and... I’d just gotten into my laptop at the time ; I’d just learnt the features you learn first when you’re really, really stupid : basically cut and add it - cut and paste. I just went for it...

Mixing It, BBC Radio3, 17 march 2002