we live on a mountain
right at the top
there’s a beautiful view
from the top of the mountain
every morning I walk towards the edge
and throw little things off
like : car-parts, bottles and cutlery
or whatever I find lying around

it’s become a habit
a way
to start the day

I go through all this
before you wake up
so I can feel happier
to be safe up here with you

it’s real early morning
no-one is awake
I’m back at my cliff, still throwing things off
I listen to the sounds they make
on their way down
I follow with my eyes ’til they crash
imagine what my body would sound like
slamming against those rocks

and when it lands
will my eyes be closed or open ?

I go through all this
before you wake up
so I can feel happier
to be safe up here with you

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Février 1996

4e single de Post

In the song, she describes herself throwing items off a cliff — which may seem morbid and strange, but in true Björk fashion, she uses this situation as symbolism to make something beautiful. Although upbeat, the track reflects on serious subject matter. It represents her being vulnerable, giving up aspects of her personality to make her lover happy. There is a sense of relief on this cliff, where in this moment she can be her true self, without input from her partner. In a 2007 interview reflecting on the song, she said “To fall in love and be in a relationship for a long time is like giving a lot of parts of you away because the relationship becomes more important than you as individuals.”

Laila Keaton, Wxpn.org


Written by : Björk
Production : Nellee Hooper & Björk
Recording Engineers : Howie Bernstein & Steve Price
Mix Engineer : Al Stone
Assistant Engineers : Oswald “Wiz” Bowe, Kirsten Cowie, Adrian Scarff & Mark Warner
Keyboards : Björk & Marius De Vries
Programming : Marius De Vries
String Arrangements : Eumir Deodato
Conductor : Eumir Deodato
Orchestral Contractor : Isobel Griffiths
Orchestra Leader : Gavin Wright
Principal Viola : Rob Smissen
Principal Cello : Tony Pleeth

Cover Design : Me Company
Modelling : Cyberscan / 3D imaging
Photography : Toby Mcfarlan Pond


Hyperballad (David Morales Classic Mix) 9:11 David Morales
Hyperballad (David Morales Radio Edit) 3:58 David Morales
Hyperballad (Disco Sync Mix) 4:24 LFO
Hyperballad (Girls Blouse Mix) 5:06 Outcast Productions
Hyperballad (LFO 3am Mix) 4:18 LFO
Hyperballad (Live TIbetan Freedom Concert 1997) 6:25 Live
Hyperballad (Morales Boss Dub Mix) David Morales
Hyperballad (Over The Edge Live At Wembley) 5:00 Outcast Productions Live
Hyperballad (Over The Edge Mix) 4:33 Outcast Productions
Hyperballad (Radio Edit) 4:02 Radio
Hyperballad (Robin Hood Riding Through The Glen Mix) 6:32 Howie B.
Hyperballad (Subtle Abuse Mix) 6:57 Outcast Productions
Hyperballad (Tee’s Freeze Mix) 7:19 Todd Terry
Hyperballad (Tee’s Radio Edit) 3:58 Todd Terry
Hyperballad (The Hyperballad Fluke Mix) 6:38 Fluke
Hyperballad (The Stomp Mix) 5:10 LFO
Hyperballad (Tom Apella Mix) Todd Terry
Hyperballad (Towa Tei Choice mix) 8:12 Towa Tei
Hyperballad (Video Edit) 3:59 Video
Hyperballad (Chemical Brothers remix) The Chemical Brothers


Les Chemical Brothers ont fait un remix d’Hyperballad qui n’a pas été validé par Björk, une fois retravaillé ce remix est devenu Dig Your Own Hole sur l’album du même nom.




  • Fluke
  • Nellee Hooper
  • Toby McFarlan Pond