Its Oh So Quiet

Would you take offence if I said my favourite Börk song is ’It’s Oh So Quiet’ ?

My obvious answer to that is I didn’t write that song. So yeah ! It is interesting because to be honest for somebody like me, there’s always that conflict between writing music, being a musician and being a singer. Maybe on this album I decided to be not such a nerd stuck in front of the computer for nine billion years and my voice serves that side of me - I just wanted to get out a bit more. I had cabin fever. I just wanted to be the singer a bit more, so I understand. l’ve been a singer since I was a child and maybe have matured most on stage with a microphone in my hand in front on an audience since the age of 12. It wasn’t until 27 years old that I went in a studio and made my own music... so forgive me ! [laughing] But the two sides of me are more equal on this project.

Attitude - 12.05.2007