James Merry


James Merry


Assistant personnel de Björk depuis 2009.

Travail avec Björk

- Co-Coordinateur des Applications Biophilia, dessins, storyboards et documentation
- Co-réalisation du clip Moon

- Masque de la session photo + vidéo de Family avec Andrew Thomas Huang

- Bas brodés + composition florale pour le clip de Black Lake

- Masque brodé au Governors Ball festival + au Manchester International Festival + au Poble Espanyol + Conférence de presse Protect The Park

- Masque brodé au Pohoda festival + aux Nuits de Fourvières

- Masque brodé à l’Auditorium Parco della Musica + Spandauer Zitadelle + couverture Sunday Times Style

- Masque brodé au Wilderness Festival

- Photos intérieures de l’artwork de Vulnicura Strings

- Masque brodé lors de la session photo pour Sunday Times Style (11/2015)

- Masque porté lors de la conférence de presse Björk Digital à Sydney

- Masque porté lors du 1er Dj set à Sydney

- Masque porté lors du 2ème Dj set à Sydney

- Masque porté lors de la conférence de presse Björk Digital et du 1er Dj set à Tokyo

- Masque porté lors du 2ème Dj set à Tokyo

- Directeur créatif avec Björk sur Vulnicura VR

- Masque porté à Londres au Royal Albert Hall, à l’Eventim Apollo et lors du 2ème Dj set à Montréal

- Masque porté à Londres au Royal Albert Hall

- Masque porté à Londres à l’Eventim Apollo

- Masque porté lors du 1er Dj set à Montréal

- Masque collerette porté au concert de Reykjavík

- Masque porté lors de l’interview dans l’émission tv Kastljós

J. T. Merry à propos des masques pour Vulnicura

“I got really excited by that and started making small pieces of embroidery for her as we made the first music videos,”

“I think the first things I made were some stockings embroidered with Icelandic ‘blóðberg’ for the Black Lake video, and an embroidered latex headpiece for her birthday present. Then it just all grew from there, eventually manifesting in all the headpieces for the tour.”

“For me, one of the appealing aspects to work in such an ancient and traditional medium is how open that makes it to quiet subversion, particularly with the materials I am using—embroidering into latex with neon threads, and the juxtaposition between machine and hand on my embroidered sportswear series. Transformations and metamorphosis are recurring themes throughout my work, often exploring notions of contrast when things collide and co­exist : animal versus human, urban versus rural, traditional craft versus new technologies.”

“The first pieces were predominantly hand-embroidered lace and latex, quite soft and feminine, then I began to add more beadwork and detailing in pearls. I then started using wire—in my mind, a sort of three-dimensional embroidery, bringing the threads off the face and float in mid air. And now I’m moving into translucent plastics, but still with embroidered details.”
thecreatorsproject - Septembre 2016

J. T. Merry à propos de Vulnicura VR

"Making new headpieces with Björk and then seeing how they transform and develop inside a digital world has been a really exciting and unexpected aspect of that."
"I really admire the pioneering spirit Björk has when it comes to new technologies, such as the apps and VR. It’s probably a natural reaction to be skeptical or cynical about any new medium or format, especially while they are still in the early stages. But I think she immediately saw the immersive potential with VR for intimacy and magic, both in terms of performance but also with sound and all the new ways that it can be placed spatially.
"No-one’s really figured that out yet and stepping into uncharted territory is always nerve-wracking but thrilling. I think it’s brave as an independent artist to put yourself forward and be the first to take these new toys and try to put emotion and spontaneity into them. If artists don’t do that, then who will ?!" CNN - Septembre 2016

J. T. Merry à propos du masque porté à Rome

Je suis vraiment très honoré d’avoir réalisé, d’après une idée de Björk​, cette nouvelle pièce. Lors de la tournée actuelle, elle m’a montré un croquis qu’elle a dessiné, dont ses cordes vocales étaient l’élément central, avec des lignes qui en irradiaient... après quelques essais de broderie, voici donc le nouveau masque brodé aux cordes vocales ! facebook

J. T. Merry à propos de Björk

How did your partnership with Björk come to be ?
I was introduced to Björk over 6 years ago through a mutual friend in London when she was just starting to conceive Biophilia and looking for an assistant to come on board. It was such an adventure. We swapped a few YouTube videos by email and then I went to meet her in New York. I went back to London, and then two weeks later, I dropped everything and moved out to New York to work with her full-time, which I’ve been doing ever since. I’ve always been a bit reluctant to talk about it really, as it has always existed in such a magical and fertile place and I would never want to burst that bubble by trying to define it too much. But meeting and working with her has definitely been the best thing that ever happened to me, in so many ways. id-vice - juillet 2015


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