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Debut Vespertine

Joseph Cultice


Photographe américain, Joseph Cultice débute sa carrière à Phoenix, en Arizona, puis en 1990 il s’installe à New York. Il vit à présent à Los Angeles.

Passionné par Kiss et David Bowie, Joseph Cultice s’intéresse à ses débuts au rock. En 1998, il réalise la célèbre couverture de Marilyn Manson, Mechanical Animals et le documentaire Dead to the World.

Au cours de sa carrière, le lauréat 2001 de l’Art Director’s Club Young Guns a également photographié Björk, Beck, Patti Smith, Nine Inch Nails, Ozzie Osbourne et bien d’autres pour des magazines tels que Vogue et Rolling Stone.

À propos de sa collaboration avec Björk

Bjork is in the top three pop stars I have ever worked with. She brings her heart, soul, no fear, full attention and berserkers to the set. Yes Bjorserk is my nickname for her my fond description of her energy. I learned something everytime we have shoot together. Love you Bjorkie

Joseph Cultice, Instagram

À propos de sa collaboration avec Three as four

BJORK/three as four party- Angela Donhauser, Adi Gil are two of the three. When I was just starting my career as they were, us struggling artists. I was lucky enough to have these two fantastic humans work with me on dorky Manson videos and Insane Clown Posse shoots. They made those images really pop. We had a lot of fun on those projects and I still and cannot thank them enough for putting up with me. Adi and Angela would prove to be much smarter and much more talented than I, with their partner Gabriel Asfour they have built a fashion empire, making gorgeous collections consistently. Plus they are just so cool.
These images are from their early work for Hint Magazine. They were already stars when I got them to style Bjork for a Urb / Vibe magazine shoot . Bjork outtake, gold !!!
Miss you kids ! XOOXOOX

Joseph Cultice, Instagram