Post being a divorce album

The last album was so polite and careful since I was so shy, almost like
a virgin. I didn’t really know how to behave. Now I feel much braver.
The happy songs are happier than before, the sad songs are sadder and
the bitter songs have become more bitter.

Everything is more extreme on "Post". But, sure, you can call it a
divorce album, I broke up with my boyfriend just before I wrote the
lyrics. The album is also a divorce from Iceland. Much is about being
without roots and with no foothold, happy and scared at the same time.

I am actually surprised that people thought of the last album as happy.
It doesn’t seem hip to be happy. It is unusual at least. I am still
happy, but I have more sides to me than that. But when I am happy I am
one hundred per cent happy and when I’m pissed I am one hundred per cent

VeckoRevyn 1995-06-28