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- History of Touches (Rabit naked mix)

A propos du remix

"was so blown away when i heard him first , just the amount of character in the beats , adore his spartan fierce some sort of texan techno teddy boy thing : you can always tell its him !! have so much enthusiasm to witness him grow , his best def yet to come ...... " – Björk

"The situation around this remix posed so many new questions for me. Björk wants to work with me ? Is this for real ? What could *i* do with a song from that album...and would it ever be good enough ? How would I know when it’s done, and mostly, how am I going to do this sitting in my chair at home, don’t *real* musicians use studios ? By the time my track was done, most of my questions had been answered. I just went with my instinct and trusted the results. I tried to find that thing that she recognises in my music, turn to it, and let it out. I hope people feel it." – Rabit


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