01. Gold (03:39)
02. Hit (03:56)
03. Leash called love (03:42)
04. Lucky night (04:03)
05. Happy nurse (03:36)
06. I’m hungry (04:33)
07. Walkabout (03:48)
08. Hetero scum (03:07)
09. Vitamin (03:40)
10. Chihuahua (03:29)


Stick Around For Joy


3e et dernier album des Sugarcubes enregistré à Bearsville dans l’état de New York.

À propos de l’album

Einar Örn Benediktsson  : Our second LP [Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week !] was made on the run. For the next album, we wanted to unplug, go into a residential studio, and make an album properly. It was a different kind of experiment. I think it’s a wonderful album : “Hit” is like “Birthday”, it’s supposed to be the perfect pop song, hence the name. It might have come too late, however, because we were just too knackered from touring. We had changed a lot. To become professional musicians, making records, going into the music industry, was never the prime motive for us, and it was a bit too much. It wasn’t what we set out to do.
We never said the band had quit, we just didn’t return to the rehearsal studios ! When we got back together in 2006 to play a benefit, it wasn’t a reunion. We just went through the songs, did the gig and enjoyed it tremendously. The songs felt just as current as before, they hadn’t become oldies, and we had loads of fun. We’re all good friends, and we still have Smekkleysa, the original company.
Like all of us, Björk has continued doing what she’s always done. What you are listening to is true. She’s doing it the way she wants to, and it has to do with the way we developed back in the day as artists and human beings, though music and literature.
Siggi Baldursson : It was a real effort to finish and keep everyone sane. We had tensions towards the end. It became evident to all of us that Björk needed a different outlet for her creativity, something that wasn’t part of a collective. She needed to branch out on her own. She brought her own ideas, and more often that they wouldn’t work within our framework. She needed a very different approach. We tried to do “Human Behaviour”, but it didn’t work with our instrumentation. It became obvious that she was her own collective. Considering the band started out with a couple [Björk and first husband Thor] who were divorcing, I’m surprised we ended up lasting even six years !
I see Björk once a year at least at board meetings, that are not very boring ! She has stayed loyal to her muse, and to the creative aspect of trying to use music as an element of discovery, almost scientifically in parts. She’s carved out her own niche, you can’t genre-fy her at all. That’s one of her biggest achievements.
Margrét Örnólfsdóttir : The show had run its time. That was the case for all us. When we started off it was an adventure, a joyride, and a lot of a laughs. By the end, we all felt we weren’t having much fun anymore. It died a natural death. It was a band of friends and there are a lot of warm memories.

Uncut - Avril 2017



  • Einar Örn
  • One Little Independent Records
  • Thor Eldon