That’s actually a piece that has a bit of a story. I am stubborn when I write songs that I sometimes don’t find the right place, you know, and I wait for the right moment, and am protective of them like children.

Like for example "Army Of Me," that came out in ’95 on Post that I wrote with Graham Massey in ’91 or ’92. So in theory it could have gone on Debut, which is an album I did two years before, but it just didn’t belong in that family.

So the "Storm" song is a song I did write before with Leila Arab, and was written with Medúlla in mind. I told Leila that I wanted to do a vocal-only album, so she did sample, and I basically sampled my voice. Both stuff I had sung before, but also while I was singing she would both put my voice through effects and also repeat and loop stuff.

Actually this is an edit because we did perform this on the tour I did, the so-called ’greatest hits’ tour, and I recorded all the versions from seventeen countries, so actually this is a live performance. So all the decisions are done live. But then for this movie I edited together from five concerts for it to fit this particular image. So it’s a very peculiar mixture of something that is very very live and raw, and very very edited.

BBC Radio 3, Mixing It, 5 august 2005