Venus As A Boy

I ask her about the video Venus as a Boy, in which she suggestively fondles an egg while singing explicitly about copulation. In the video the egg is eventually fried. This touches off a slightly sore spot for Björk. She gave Sophie Muller, the video director, a copy of Story of the Eye a couple of days before they filmed the but didn’t insist that she read it. Muller didn’t have the time.

She kept going on about it being fried, sighs Björk with exasperation.

I was saying, `No way is that book about a fried egg ! I’m sorry. Poached ? Okay. Boiled ? Okay. Raw ? Okay. But not fried.

And a fried egg is unsuitable because......?

Because it’s too hard. It’s rough and it’s greasy, It should be about being sort of liquidy and wet and soft and open.....

After the video was finished, Sophie called Björk. She had read the book. Now she agreed with Björk : Fried was the wrong egg.

Details, july 1994