an image of modern life

Often it’s the sound that grabs you, but an album ends up on the shelf with something’s missing. I think what we’ve been talking about comes out strongly in your lyrics. Like "new damn, new times", "no way back ", to quote some of the lyrics on this album. The moment decides. Future romanticism, when pop songs bring out our possibilities in the image of modern life. Wasn’t the image in this music the image of modern life that was current then ?

I think the generation of hippies I know thought everything modern was a bad thing that we were all on the road to destruction. Nothing ahead but pollution, nuclear power stations and capitalism. It’s interesting to listen to it as a child and teenager, but it turns out to be just too pessimistic. I experienced that again to some extent with the group I was working in Iceland, who were a bit older than me and often not particularly fond of modern age and preferred listening to Julio Iglesias. When I was young I felt I was more of a listener. Like everything, it’s a question of attitude. The conclusion may be that my generation’s grown tired of all this modern pessimism.

Livebox interview, 2002