touring with babies

With the Sugarcubes, we had all kinds of offers to tour the world, when Sindri was very young. And of course I was bringing him with me. There wasn’t a clause that said I could bring him, I just did. I was doing three or four shows a week in the evening when he was asleep anyway. If you put child to kindergarten, you’ve got to be away from them 40 hours a week, in any case, you know ? I didn’t have to do that, and people loved him, so I was lucky. More people should take their babies on tour ! Maybe it’s an Icelandic thing : we’re from a country with lots of kids, so they come along with you. But maybe...saying that, I wish my mum I wish she had done more what she wanted to do when I was a little girl, because she was always running after us. I was the eldest of six – we were everywhere. But, you know, you can do the both, and I have always done the both, and my kids are really good., April 8 2008