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29.03.1994 The Secret History of Björk Record Collector #175 Debut
Life’s Too Good
Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week !
Stick Around for Joy
The Eye
Holidays In Europe
31.03.1994 Icy pop Juice Debut
01.04.1994 Interview Eralp Baydar Blue Jean
29.04.1994 Björkabout—Quaking in Oz Vox Debut
01.05.1994 Frontwoman : Björk Musician Debut
15.05.1994 Björk The Sunday Times
29.05.1994 Interview avec PJ Harvey et Tori Amos Q magazine Debut
02.06.1994 Our friend’s Icelandic !—The secret life of Björk select Debut
02.07.1994 Björk from Ork Details magazine Debut
01.08.1994 Björk needs no introduction Dazed & Confused, 1994 Post
10.08.1994 Björk on the wild side Hotpress
01.09.1994 Reel to reel Wire Vessel
02.09.1994 Björk’s big night out i-D Magazine Debut
The Best Mixes from the Debut
01.10.1994 Venus as a boy Visionaire #12 Desire
17.11.1994 Björk Rolling Stone n°695
01.12.1994 Ice Ice Baby For Women Debut

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