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26.01.1996 Hyperactive Human Behaviour The Independent Tournée Post 1995-1996
31.01.1996 Björk Feedback Post
29.02.1996 Icy Pop Cleo
01.03.1996 Miss World Spin Magazine Post
01.03.1996 Scary tale of New Björk Vox magazine Post
01.03.1996 Beyond Björk Sydney Morning Herald
01.03.1996 Nanu Nanu Dazed & Confused, 1996 Post
01.05.1996 Guy Sigsworth : Björk Live Sound on Sound Post
Tournée Post 1995-1996
01.06.1996 Björk’s world Sky Magazine
15.06.1996 Bjork did a Session before Dela Soul... IRC internet - chat
16.06.1996 Everybody’s got a voice Soda Magazine caritatif
Tournée Post 1995-1996
01.07.1996 bites Björk & Goldie i-D Magazine n°154
20.07.1996 The Fiery Queen goes mad for Phoenix NME people | insolite
Tournée Post 1995-1996
31.07.1996 Entretien Björk & Karlheinz Stockhausen Dazed & Confused, 1996 influences
31.08.1996 Freaky Mömma Bust
31.08.1996 Passing notes with Bjork : A Study of Human Behaviour i-D Magazine Post
19.09.1996 Björk fan films his death after acid attack The Daily Telegraph (UK) journal
01.11.1996 Living in the shadow of the bomb Mixmag Telegram
30.11.1996 Björk on Telegram Telegram remix
30.11.1996 The Bomb Changed my Life Blah Blah Blah Telegram

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