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28.01.2017 Un Nouveau chant de vision Libération journal exposition
21.02.2017 Superhuman Behaviour ! Björk her secrets revealed Uncut collaboration
27.04.2017 Björk : “I’m Tinder For Technology” redbulletin
08.05.2017 Björk’s Words of Wisdom on Technology, Multitasking, and Collaboration Pitchfork écologie
17.05.2017 Bjork Explains the Immersive VR Exhibit She’s Bringing to L.A. and Her Obsession With Beyonce LA Weekly Björk Digital 2016-2019
18.05.2017 ’Björk Digital’ : Sonic dreams become virtual reality in downtown L.A. LA Times Björk Digital 2016-2019
21.05.2017 Bjork Digital : ’Digging a cave with a teaspoon’ SCPR Björk Digital 2016-2019
21.05.2017 ‘Bjork Digital’ Virtual-Reality Art Exhibition Arrives in Downtown L.A. Variety Björk Digital 2016-2019
21.05.2017 Björk Is Magic Noisey Vulnicura
réalité virtuelle
25.05.2017 Quirky Icelandic singer Björk brings ‘Björk Digital,’ her creative virtual reality show, to L.A. ocregister réalité virtuelle
Björk Digital 2016-2019
30.05.2017 Björk’s Mournful Melodies Thrill in Orchestral Arrangements at Disney Hall laweekly Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017
31.05.2017 Björk brought strings — but no beats — to her sold-out gig at Disney Hall latimes Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017
31.05.2017 5 Highlights From ‘Björk With Orchestra Variety Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017
31.05.2017 Björk delivers a moving night of voice and strings at Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. on Tuesday ocregister Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017
06.06.2017 New Björk Music Video “notget” Is a Stunning Bio-Goth Masterpiece Creators vidéo clip
documentaire | making of
11.08.2017 Paradise found Dazed & confused magazine Utopia
01.09.2017 Björk Inter/VIEW Utopia
22.09.2017 20th anniversary of Homogenic BBC Radio 6 Homogenic
25.09.2017 Couch Wisdom : Björk Red bull music academy Utopia
réalité virtuelle
11.10.2017 Björk on Björk : The Inimitable Icelandic Superstar Interviews Herself W Magazine Utopia
30.10.2017 Amor y utopia Rockdelux Utopia
30.10.2017 Retour à la vie Télérama magazine Utopia
02.11.2017 The Update : James Merry Crack Magazine Utopia
03.11.2017 Björk : Interview The Big Issue Utopia
03.11.2017 Björk Music Magazine Utopia
11.11.2017 Björk unmasked The Age Spectrum
12.11.2017 Björk’s new tune The Observer journal Utopia
12.11.2017 Björk : ‘People miss the jokes. A lot of it is me taking the piss out of myself’ The guardian Utopia
14.11.2017 Björk’s New Album Is a Love Letter to Optimism The New York Times journal Utopia
16.11.2017 Björk Is Full of Love Again Pitchfork Utopia
17.11.2017 Björk explore ce grouillant objet du désir Tribune de Genève Utopia
20.11.2017 Björk – Utopia ★★★★ The Skinny Utopia
20.11.2017 Björk – Utopia San Francisco Chronicle Utopia
20.11.2017 Björk – Utopia ★★★★ Pressplayok Utopia
20.11.2017 On ‘Utopia,’ Björk Finds Love and Trust Again Wall Street Journal Utopia
20.11.2017 Björk Invites You To Her ’Utopia’ NPR Utopia
20.11.2017 Premature Evaluation : Björk Utopia Stereogum Utopia
21.11.2017 Björk – Utopia ★★★★ Metro Utopia
21.11.2017 There is a dramatic change in the air The Talks Utopia
21.11.2017 Utopia ★★★★ Télérama n°3541 France
21.11.2017 Ten things we learned about Björk from her conversation with Lauren Laverne BBC Utopia
21.11.2017 Björk : "there’s a dramatic change in the air" The Talks Utopia
22.11.2017 Björk Utopia : 7/10 Loud and quiet Utopia
23.11.2017 Everything björk’s utopia will make you feel, think and do - track by track i-d Utopia
23.11.2017 Utopia Review ★★★★ NME Utopia
23.11.2017 The pro-women vision of Björk’s Utopia The Fader politique
23.11.2017 Björk : Utopia review – romance, angst and troublingly thin tunes ★★★☆☆ The Guardian Utopia
23.11.2017 In Love, With Love : Björk’s Utopia The Quietus Utopia
24.11.2017 Utopia, la renaissance trouble de Björk Utopia
24.11.2017 Utopia - Album of the week 9.5/10 Utopia
24.11.2017 Légère comme une Björk ELLE magazine Utopia
24.11.2017 Björk and Jesse Kanda on the album art for Utopia Creative Review Utopia
24.11.2017 Utopia est une renaissance Tsugi Utopia
24.11.2017 Björk’s constellation in the clouds : The Icelandic superstar unravels her Utopia Fact Utopia
24.11.2017 Björk’s Utopia is befuddling, dazzling and irritating – review Utopia
26.11.2017 Björk, plus pure sera la flûte Libération Utopia
26.11.2017 Utopia review – a lush, airy fresh start ★★★★☆ The Guardian Utopia
27.11.2017 Meet the man behind Björk’s out-of-this-world masks Dazed Utopia
27.11.2017 Björk Uses Her Voice Like an Army Horn for Earth Spirits Noisey magazine Utopia
27.11.2017 Björk’s Distant, Motherly Feminist Utopia The Atlantic Utopia
28.11.2017 "In Sight Out" series with Björk Pitchfork conférence | rencontre audio
28.11.2017 Björk : Utopia – album review Louder than war Utopia
29.11.2017 L’amour selon Björk Plugged #24 magazine
29.11.2017 Björk Paints Fractured ’Utopia’ With Cutting-Edge Co-Producers ★★★★☆ Rolling Stone Utopia
29.11.2017 An extensive examination of Björk’s 10th album ’utopia’ Glidemagazine Utopia
29.11.2017 Review : Flutes Lead Björk Into Paradise on the Stunning Utopia Spin Utopia
01.12.2017 Björk is constantly innovating Mixmag Utopia
01.12.2017 Björk is full of love again and wants us to embrace utopia Utopia
01.12.2017 Retour en grâce Les Inrockuptibles n°1149 magazine Utopia
01.12.2017 Björk - Utopia ★★★★★ Record Collector #474 magazine Utopia
04.12.2017 Björk’s Visions of an Enchanted Future The New Yorker Utopia
07.12.2017 The Utopian : Björk On Loss, Moving On, Activism & Seeking Change The Reykjavik Grapevine magazine Utopia
14.12.2017 Björk on creativity as an ongoing experiment the creative independent Utopia
15.12.2017 Go behind the scenes of Björk’s Utopia with the women who engineered it The Fader Utopia
16.12.2017 Björk, Jesse Kanda And Arca - Arisen My Senses Utopia
16.12.2017 For the last 17 years, the design team of... WMagazine Tournée Utopia 2018

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