8 juillet 2012

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde, Danemark


Björk Serenades Denmark in Giant Worm Dress
(...)She’s the pop star who makes Lady Gaga look like she shops at Loehmann’s. Icelandic art-rocker Björk, 46, commanded the headliner spot at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival this weekend, emerging onstage encased in a tangle of black, worm-like tubing. The dress was the creation of Dutch avant-garde fashion designer Iris van Herpen. A multi-colored hawk’s nest of a wig was perched atop her spritely features, now showing some age.(...)

Hollywood reporter

Björk snakes it all about in Denmark
(...)And she spectacularly lived up to her oddball reputation at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark yesterday. The Icelandic visionary turned up for her headline gig in a frock adorned with strange robotic-looking snakes. She teamed the slithery number with a hairdo that would scare off most living reptiles, opting for a multi-coloured barnet. It’s the kind of hairdo that can only usually be achieved by placing one’s finger into a plug socket. But it was her ‘dress’ that truly caught attention, evoking memories of the wacky swan outfit that she wore to the Oscars in 2001.(...)

The Sun



01. Cosmogony
02. Hunter
03. Thunderbolt
04. Moon
05. Hidden Place
06. Crystalline
07. Virus
08. Isobel
09. Jóga
10. Mouth’s Cradle
11. Hollow
12. Pagan Poetry
13. Mutual Core
14. Pluto
15. Náttúra
16. One Day
17. Declare Independence

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