18 janvier 2008

Big Day Out Festival

Auckland, Nouvelle Zélande


Big Day Out blow by blow
With two people covering the whole of the Big Day Out it is impossible to get round all of the artists playing, let alone assess whether they are any good or not. So the onenews.co.nz BDO team of two have picked out some artists to see and review. Have a read, see if you agree and then have your say on the message board below. [...]
Not being a big Björk fan—I own no albums though I do have the odd song on my iPod—I was a somewhat blank slate going into her performance at the Big Day Out.
Her distinct vocal phrasing, her eclectic music style—that draws on so many influences and often defies traditional music definition—and her outrageous costuming have long shown her to be a unique and innovative artist.
And on Friday night she lived up to that moniker.
Being only five foot three in a crowd where the average height was much taller my view of the stage and Björk herself was limited to fleeting glances. But what I did see proved that her performance is more than just the music.
Lead on to a flag covered stage by a brass band kitted out in red and gold with lizard-like eye make-up, Björk was resplendent in a white turban-like piece of headgear, shot through with green, red and gold— she wore it only for her first song (it looked heavy).
Her performance was one of contrast.
Musically she ebbs and flows. Both between songs and within them she moves from wistful to dynamic and energetic, gathering the crowd up with her as she goes. Björk is nothing if not completely intriguing.
She showed with Hyperballad and the stonking good Declare Independence that she can rock with the best of them, creating a buzz around the crowd that swayed even the most reluctant of audience members.
Björk’s music is detailed and intricate yet fun and accessible. She sounds like no other recording artist out there today and has a presence and style that sets her apart. This reviewer walked away content to have seen a woman who is surely one of the most important artists of the last 20 years.

Sarah Pritchett & Kathryn Stewart - TVNZ


01. Brennið Þið Vitar
02. Earth Intruders
03. Hunter
04. Pagan Poetry
05. Anchor Song
06. The Pleasure Is All Mine
07. Who Is It
08. Jóga
09. Desired Constellation
10. Army Of Me
11. Innocence
12. Vökuró
13. Wanderlust
14. Hyperballad
15. Pluto
16. Oceania (pas prévue sur la setlist)
17. Declare Independence

sur scène

  • Chris Corsano
  • Damian Taylor
  • Jónas Sen
  • Mark Bell
  • Wonderbrass (Icelandic Brass Section)

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  • Bernhard Willhelm