date titre publication type
01.01.2008 Unlimited Norse power Sydney Morning Herald chronique
20.02.2008 Interview : Björk interview
22.02.2008 Interview Under the radar interview
25.02.2008 Björk’s Concert in Serbia Cancelled Iceland Review Online
03.03.2008 Björk festival cancellation ‘not due to politics’ NME
03.03.2008 Björk Show Cut Over Kosovo Talk ? “Untrue,” Says Fest Pitchfork Magazine
03.03.2008 Queen of the wildly unpredictable Shanghai Daily chronique
03.03.2008 Björk backs Tibetan independence during Shanghai concert Agentur
04.03.2008 Björk Shouts Out To Tibet During Shanghai Show Billboard
04.03.2008 Björk management : Kosovo WAS behind Exit festival row NME
04.03.2008 Björk Speaks Out About Kosovo Controversy Pitchfork
05.03.2008 Björk’s Tibet protest offends Chinese fans The Guardian
05.03.2008 Björk Exposes China’s Greatest Weakness Huffington Post
05.03.2008 Björk’s protest a sign of things to come for China The Independent
05.03.2008 Björk’s Tibet cry angers fans in China The Daily Telegraph (UK)
07.03.2008 EXIT festival boss : Bjork has ‘open invitation’ to play NME
08.03.2008 Björk : fire and ice portrait
27.03.2008 Independence Day New Statesman interview
31.03.2008 The Volta Face The Big Issue interview
08.04.2008 Björk week on The Lipster The Lipster interview
11.04.2008 The ice maiden interview
01.08.2008 Un Bordel organisé Rock & Folk n°492 magazine