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20.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★☆☆ Slant Magazine chronique
20.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★★ Press play ok chronique
21.01.2015 Björk publie son nouvel album par surprise : interview Les Inrockuptibles n°999 interview
21.01.2015 Björk Is at Her Most Human on Vulnicura Vulture chronique
21.01.2015 Björk – Vulnicura first-listen review : the inky, jet-black flipside to Vespertine The Guardian chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ The Telegraph chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★☆☆ The Independent chronique
22.01.2015 Arca Says Working With Björk Was Everything An Artistic Collaboration Should Be The Fader
22.01.2015 A Heart Broken and Dissected The New York Times chronique
22.01.2015 Bjork’s ’Vulnicura’ : An Inquiry Into Melodrama NPR chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ Irish times chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ TimeOut chronique
22.01.2015 Premature Evaluation : Björk Vulnicura Stereogum chronique
22.01.2015 The Invisible Woman Pitchfork interview
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22.01.2015 Vulnicura (3,5/4) LA Times chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ Standard chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura review The Quietus
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ Clashmusic chronique
22.01.2015 Behind the Scenes of How Björk’s Team Handled the ’Vulnicura’ Leak Billboard
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ The Guardian chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ NME chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★½ Los Angeles Times chronique
22.01.2015 Vulnicura review The Atlantic chronique
23.01.2015 Vulnicura review 8,6/10 Pitchfork chronique
23.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★½ musicOMH chronique
23.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★½ The Chicago Tribune chronique
23.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★☆ Rolling Stone chronique
23.01.2015 The Peculiar Genius of Bjork The New York Times interview
24.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★★ ABC News chronique
25.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★½ chronique
26.01.2015 One. Feeling. At a. Time. Slate chronique
26.01.2015 Björk Breaks Our Hearts Anew on ’Vulnicura’ Spin Magazine chronique
29.01.2015 Vulnicura review 4.3/5 Resident Advisor chronique
29.01.2015 Björk soigne ses blessures amoureuses Le Monde chronique
30.01.2015 Sometimes Heartbreak Takes a Hostage The New York Times interview
31.01.2015 La blessure de son nouvel album révèle une Björk brisée Tribune de Genève chronique
02.02.2015 New Details on Bjork’s MoMA Retrospective Revealed
02.02.2015 Bjork : Vulnicura chronique
06.02.2015 Björk’s Folk Music The Reykjavik Grapevine interview
15.02.2015 How Björk broke the sound barrier The Guardian journal
18.02.2015 Bjork on Feeling Like an Alien, Child Stardom in Iceland and ’Vulnicura’ Rolling Stone
19.02.2015 The spectacular sonic genius The Gentlewoman magazine
26.02.2015 Bjork On Keeping "Vulnicura" Off Spotify : "It’s About Respect, you know ?" Fast Company
27.02.2015 Comment accrocher une chanson à un mur ? Libération interview
01.03.2015 Ich wäre gern ein Tiefseefisch Monopol magazine
03.03.2015 L’autrice Oddný Eir interview Björk Dazed Digital interview
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05.03.2015 Andrew Huang on Björk, Black Lake & Jim Henson interview
06.03.2015 "We need music so much" Irish Times interview
09.03.2015 Behind The Scenes Of Björk’s Insane, Immersive Room-Sized Music Video Fast Company
09.03.2015 Björk’s black lake director on iceland, special effects and facing criticism i-D Magazine
09.03.2015 Björk’s healing music The New Yorker magazine
10.03.2015 Iris van Herpen Talks Dressing Björk for Heartbreak
12.03.2015 "I couldn’t just write a disco song" The Guardian interview
15.03.2015 From breakup to beautiful art Stuff portrait
16.03.2015 Je vais beaucoup mieux Le Monde interview
16.03.2015 Los ecos emanados de un espíritu en recuperación Marvin interview
16.03.2015 The invention of reinvention Juxtapoz couverture
18.03.2015 Björk renaissance Les Inrockuptibles n°1007 couverture
21.03.2015 Björk Debuts Virtual Reality "Stonemilker" Video Pitchfork interview
02.04.2015 Andrew Thomas Huang on Björk, MoMA and virtual reality Creative Review interview
05.05.2015 Björk talk : the avant-pop queen on festivals, technology and how to get old TimeOut London interview
10.06.2015 Björk Facebook Q&A Dazed & Confused interview
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21.07.2015 Hier soir à Lyon… Björk Paris Match chronique
29.10.2015 Vulnicura Strings ★★★★☆ the arts desk chronique
05.11.2015 Vulnicura Strings ★★★★☆ musicOMH chronique
09.11.2015 Björk on Vulnicura Strings
29.11.2015 The strange genius of Björk Sunday Times Style magazine
14.12.2015 Bjork emerges from her internal battle, with strings attached Sidney Morning Herald
07.03.2016 Discussion entre Björk et l’actrice Julia Davis Another Magazine interview
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02.06.2016 Bjork Tells Artists To Make Like The Military And Embrace Technology The Music
02.06.2016 Vivid the only place for Bjork’s virtual reality exhibition Bjork Digital The Daily Telegraph (AU)
01.09.2016 Enter a virtual world in European premiere of ’Björk Digital’ CNN Style
21.09.2016 Björk Digital : première mondiale de « Family » en réalité virtuelle lienmultimedia
22.09.2016 How Bjork Created a Virtual Version of Herself to Deal With the Pain of ‘Vulnicura’ Noisey interview
06.10.2016 Björk : ’I’m not into normcore sexuality’ Evening Standard Magazine interview
10.12.2016 Iceland Magazine The pain was a journey interview
28.01.2017 Un Nouveau chant de vision Libération journal
21.05.2017 Björk Is Magic Noisey interview
06.06.2017 New Björk Music Video “notget” Is a Stunning Bio-Goth Masterpiece Creators