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17.11.1995 Björk on AOL AOL Chat interview
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15.06.1996 Bjork did a Session before Dela Soul... IRC internet - chat
22.06.2000 ArtistDirect Björk chat transcript interview
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04.09.2001 Transcription AOL webchat interview
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15.10.2003 Transcription of live chat Chat @ ShowStudio interview
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27.07.2011 Twitter Interview NME interview
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10.06.2015 Björk Facebook Q&A Dazed & Confused interview
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05.09.2016 Q&A Reddit Music interview
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10.05.2019 Björk’s Set Designer Chiara Stephenson Shares How Cornucopia Came to Life at the Shed Architectural Digest internet - chat
10.05.2019 Olivier Rousteing on creating an ethereal couture collection just for Björk Dazed Digital internet - chat
10.05.2019 Björk and Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing on Their Otherworldly Fashion Collaboration Vogue internet - chat
10.05.2019 How Björk created her Cornucopia Dazed Digital internet - chat
10.05.2019 Björk’s Cornucopia at The Shed : Meet Set Designer Chiara Stephenson Vogue internet - chat
11.05.2019 Designing an intimate acoustic chamber for Björk’s Cornucopia tour Arup internet - chat
15.05.2019 The fascinating design behind Björk’s otherworldly reverb chamber, on tour now fastcompany internet - chat
17.05.2019 Björk brings wild, wood-sprite-y Cornucopia to sold-out show in New York Entertainment Weekly chronique
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30.05.2019 The Story Behind Björk’s Blooming Iris Van Herpen Gown Another Magazine internet - chat
11.09.2019 How Björk and collaborator James Merry brought Vulnicura VR to life Crack Magazine internet - chat
09.10.2019 An Email Conversation Between Rei Kawakubo and BJÖRK Interview magazine internet - chat