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01.10.2000 Questions for Cash Q interview
01.05.2001 Biographie Promo Vespertine Elektra portrait
01.06.2001 Björk in Paradise Nylon interview
01.07.2001 I don’t like rock Q Magazine interview
22.07.2001 ‘I used to think I’d live forever...’ The Observer interview
28.07.2001 Bjork Paints From New Palette For Elektra Billboard magazine
01.08.2001 HQ Plugged In chronique
01.08.2001 Computer Love Vibrations interview
01.08.2001 Soundcheck - Vespertine The Wire chronique
01.08.2001 The Gift of Music - Björk’s Vespertine Dazed & Confused chronique
03.08.2001 Du Preez & Thornton-Jones shooting Björk Creativebase couverture
11.08.2001 The Twilight World of Björk NME interview
11.08.2001 La fille qui fait chanter les glaçons Télérama magazine
12.08.2001 Fire & ice Sunday magazine interview
14.08.2001 Vespertine by David Toop chronique
15.08.2001 Bjork’s Newest Vision interview
23.08.2001 Björk’s new album ‘Vespertine’ is plodding but gorgeous The Philadelphia Inquirer chronique
24.08.2001 Home Alone The Village Voice chronique
25.08.2001 Vespertine Jam ! ( chronique
27.08.2001 L’hymme à la vie Magazine ELLE n°1648 magazine
27.08.2001 Michael Hubbard musicOMH chronique
28.08.2001 Vespertine PopMatters chronique
30.08.2001 Vespertine The Dallas Morning News chronique
31.08.2001 Private Dancer WOW !
31.08.2001 La styliste Donna Karan interview Björk Interview magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
01.09.2001 Vespertine Stylus chronique
01.09.2001 Björk - De la neige en été, interview Les Inrockuptibles n°300 interview
entretiens spéciaux
01.09.2001 Paradise Found Juice interview
01.09.2001 Björk : Vespertine TinyMixTapes chronique
01.09.2001 Alone in the dark The Wire interview
02.09.2001 Sunset Songs The Sunday Herald chronique
03.09.2001 Interview de Pascale Clark Tam tam etc. - France Inter interview
04.09.2001 Vespertine Detroit Free Press chronique
04.09.2001 Transcription AOL webchat interview
internet - chat
05.09.2001 Lose Yourself Portland Mercury chronique
05.09.2001 Judge Björk Slate chronique
10.09.2001 The Secret Life Of Pop Stars Newsweek chronique
15.09.2001 The Ice Queen TIME - special issue - fall 2001 magazine
21.09.2001 Phases and Stages Austin Chronicle chronique
21.09.2001 Björk : Vespertine Rock & Folk n°409 chronique
30.09.2001 Bjork’s Big Dilemma New York Daily News
09.10.2001 Vespertine Drawer B chronique
10.10.2001 Bjork’s works
13.12.2001 Free and easy The Guardian journal
01.01.2002 The Light Of Love - The Making Of The Pagan Poetry Video ! Alien Rock ! chronique
02.01.2002 Beat Manifesto Wired
01.02.2002 Like a bird Review magazine
19.04.2002 Vespertine The Onion — AV Club chronique
01.07.2002 The house at carousel corner Sensible Sound chronique
13.01.2003 Glacier Head The New Yorker chronique
06.09.2003 All Hail The Ice Queen Salon portrait
09.08.2004 Björk’s Saga The New Yorker chronique
01.09.2004 Björk : Pagan Poetry Stylus Magazine portrait