date titre publication type
01.01.2001 Dancer In The Dark One Guy’s Opinion chronique
01.01.2001 Into the light Spin Magazine chronique
01.01.2001 Consolations of the Musical USA Today chronique
15.01.2001 Lead actress : new names, vets vie (extrait) Variety interview
02.02.2001 Björk Goes Back To Her Music The New York Times portrait
22.02.2001 Dancer in the Dark iF Magazine chronique
26.02.2001 Love or leave it Norman Transcript chronique
28.02.2001 Credit The Director Boston Review chronique
19.04.2001 FWD Interview Fashion Wire Daily interview
01.05.2001 Dancer in the Dark Scope chronique
01.05.2001 Björk Salon portrait
22.07.2001 ‘I used to think I’d live forever...’ The Observer interview
09.08.2001 The last of the great pop stars The Independent interview
11.08.2001 The Twilight World of Björk NME interview
16.08.2001 Who Does Björk Think She Is ? The Daily Telegraph (UK) portrait
23.08.2001 Björk’s new album ‘Vespertine’ is plodding but gorgeous The Philadelphia Inquirer chronique
24.08.2001 Home Alone The Village Voice chronique
25.08.2001 Vespertine Jam ! ( chronique
25.08.2001 France honours singer Björk CNN portrait
26.08.2001 The innovators re-emerge San Francisco Chronicle
27.08.2001 Michael Hubbard musicOMH chronique
28.08.2001 Vespertine PopMatters chronique
30.08.2001 Vespertine The Dallas Morning News chronique
31.08.2001 La styliste Donna Karan interview Björk Interview magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
01.09.2001 Björk to the Future Harper’s Bazaar portrait
01.09.2001 Vespertine Stylus chronique
01.09.2001 Björk : Vespertine TinyMixTapes chronique
02.09.2001 Sunset Songs The Sunday Herald chronique
04.09.2001 Vespertine Detroit Free Press chronique
05.09.2001 Lose Yourself Portland Mercury chronique
05.09.2001 Judge Björk Slate chronique
10.09.2001 The Secret Life Of Pop Stars Newsweek chronique
17.09.2001 Emotional Landscapes The New Statesman portrait
21.09.2001 Phases and Stages Austin Chronicle chronique
09.10.2001 Vespertine Drawer B chronique