AOL Chat, 1er janvier 1997

AOLiveMC14 : Welcome to AOL Live, Bjork !


AOLiveMC14 : Are you ready to answer some questions tonight ?


AOLiveMC14 : Our first question comes from Stvlgnran...

hi bjork, this is ryan... i was wondering when you will come out with your next album, and what will it sound
like ?

At the moment, it should come out in Autumn. The working title is “Homogenic.” “Debut”
and “Post” had a lot of flavors, They covered 15 years and now I’ve caught up with myself. “Homogenic”
will only be me now. And that is why I’ve given it this title.

Are you aware of the movement of
fans on the internet ? Like #bjork on IRC and the Blue-Eyed-Pop mailing list ?

No. I have so little time. I forget calling my relatives on their birthdays. So, I have to prioritize.
I think my grandma would probably sulk if I would put a stranger on the Internet before her.
Sad but true.

I heard that you have picked up the crystal harmonium (crystal glasses). Do you plan to use them in future
recordings ?

Yes, I’ve written one song called, “All Neon Like,” which features a glass harmonica player.

hi bjork, its ryan..... i read some of your poetry in Details magazine the techno-prayer... i thought it was
simply grand and i was curious where i might purchase that one book you made with the poetry and water colours

Its probably sold-out. I sold it in order to pay my rent when I was 17.
It did the job.

Where you influenced at all by popular figures like Jimi Hendrix ? Your music is so complex it reminds me of
his work.

I’m flattered. But I’m more influenced just by real life and what happens to me.

My friend and I were wondering if you were going to release a video compilation of the vids from ‘Post’. Are
there any plans to do so ? We thought you could call it ‘Car parts, Bottles, and Cutlery’.....just a suggestion.

Thanks for your help. I’m planning a compilation of all the videos so far.
I don’t know when yet—sometime this year hopefully.

I was fortunate enough to
see you perform at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in June, and I noticed your portion was replayed on your
web page in December. It was the best performance of the whole show !!!! Will that be replayed again ? If
so, when ?

I’m not sure if it will be replayed on the Internet but there will be a video available on the
whole show sometime this year (hopefully)

Any plans for a state side tour ?


Matt Rose of San Antonio asks : When you wrote “Bedtime Story” for Madonna, was it her idea for you to
write it ?

She approached me and Nellee to write material for her and I came up with “Bedtime Stories”

Hi Björk and all, Is I Dare You ever gonna be released out of the studio ?

Its actually called “5 Years.” And will come out on my album in the Autumn. (hopefully)

What are your future plans ?

I’m very turned on by the future but I’m not doing readings though.

AOLiveMC14 : Bjork, we’re getting a lot of questions about your latest and next releases. Can you tell us
something about them ?

My latest is “Telegram.” Which is remixes of “Post” and one new track.

Björk, You have commented before that you don’t like annoying little fans who idolize you (understandable).
So if I managed to somehow meet you or walk by you on the street, how should I act ? Should I just IGNORE you ? (I
don’t think that I could, heheheh)

All I can give you is my songs

‘ello bjork.... this is ryan... i was curious if you still are in communication with any of the members of KUKL
or CRASS ? thanx.

Yes. Totally.

Bjork, is it true that APHEX TWIN was on youre last tour, and is there any chance youll work with him on
tour again or on a record ?

We talk about working together all the time. But since I’m always touring, he suggested I
would send him a tour diary, sing on his answer phone, since he is particularly fond of the sound in his
answerphone and he would then sample, mix, ot to put it short **** with it. I can’t wait. And yes, I toured
with him.

I had the pleasure of to meeting you once and you were very nice but very shy, yet you are a dynamo on
stage. How do you account for this dichotomy ?

I’m very fond of microphones.
I feel safe with them.

Growing up in Iceland what were some of the misconceptions or stereotypes about Americans that you
found to be true or untrue after you traveled through America ?

I was brought up, told that Americans are people who talk all the time, eat hamburgers and
build skyscrapers in their spare time.
I came here first in 1988 and was delighted to find that skyscrapers are friendly, hamburgers
suck and Americans are extremely human.
Surprised ?

Why did you choose to leave The Sugarcubes—and do you feel you made the right decision ?

When things are over, they are over. Sometimes the biggest respect you can show to something
that is precious to you is to not let it linger.

When are the I Miss You singles gonna be released ? Are they gonna be in the same 2CD format or what ? Are
you gonna put the Beats Mix on ‘em ? (That’s my fave mix outta post ;)

Its out in Europe—that Beats mix.
In America, hopefully we will putting out a CD5 of “I Miss You” within the next few months.

How about a live , or just accapella album ?

I’m recording a live video now which is going to be recorded in London in February.
Which is gonna be my favorite set-ups of the “Post” tour.
But for me, a gig is a gig and a record is a record.
I find it sometimes unfair to separate live recordings from the visuals.

Bjork, is the rumour about you touring with BOWIE for his new album true ?(i hope so)


have you ever read any of Nabakovs books ?

Yeah, I’ve read “Lolita”

Bjork....I love your fashion sense ! where do you come up with the cute outfits ? Jen !

Free form vs. Cleo Laine.

I have been to Iceland, wow what a dreary place. How was it growing up there and when did you get out ?

I was 9 when my grandfather invited me to go to Bergen, Norway, to see trees.
It was great.

Do you believe drug addicts give alternative, rap, and hip-hop music a bad name ?


I saw the I Miss You vid on MTV Sunday ... cool stuff, as usual, but didn’t you think it was a bit too gory, with
all the dismembered body parts and stuff ?

We need that to appreciate good health.

AOLiveMC14 : We have time for just one more question tonight, Bjork...

make it a good one.

So , have you met your perfect mate yet ?


AOLiveMC14 : Any closing comments tonight, Bjork ?

5,000 thanks and gratitudes to you guys and have a gorgeous and fertile nights sleep.

AOLiveMC14 : Well, that’s all for tonight, folks ! Thank you, Bjork !

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