Björk à propos d’Isobel

i remember, while writing the melody of "isobel in reykjavik
( by the window in my house on tryggvagata ) that i was not only
trying to make something passionate but it also had to contain
some strange graceful joke ?! i tried to explain for hours and hours
to sjón who this creature "isobel’ was . and that humour was essential
in hindsight, i feel it was my way of dealing with
the mythical creature i had become in the media,
kinda writing a tongue in cheek song about a magical reality persona
and perhaps by allowing me to be the author of it,
i could own it. bypass victimhood.
timewise, isobel was 8% of the album ,
so somehow i was revealing that was how much of me
would step into this persona in the future, but for the other 92 %
i wanted to be a lot of other characters. most of them hidden.
but perhaps all things tongue in cheek have a grain of truth
in them and for sure the story of a girl that leaves instinctive
impulsive iceland for a calculated cold city was not totally far off...?