Heba Kadry



Heba Kadry

Ingénieur·e du son

Ingénieure du son, elle officie notamment au studio Timeless Mastering et a masterisé de nombreux albums de Prefuse 73, RABIT, Mica Levi, Japanese Breakfast, Eartheater, Holly Herndon, ou encore serpentwithfeet.

Elle explique que c’est à la demande de Björk qu’elle a pris en charge, pour la première fois, le mixage de plusieurs titres.

Then, in 2017, Björk called upon her to mix Utopia. It was a game-changing moment, forcing Kadry to expand her toolkit. “[Björk] approached me about mixing, and I very bluntly said, ‘I’m not a mixing engineer,’” Kadry recalls. “I was an established mastering engineer at that point, but I think she saw something in me that I didn’t even really believe in myself. She technically paid me to figure out how to mix that record.”


Travail avec Björk

Heba à propos de son travail sur Utopia

Björk’s team is really small. She likes the people around her to be really good friends, people who she likes to hang out with, and collaborators. There was no point in the process where I felt like a hired gun. I always felt very involved. She always says, "I don’t want to be the backseat driver." She’s great about finding what people are good at, and collaborating with them in a very fruitful way.
(...)I could think of only a few records that I’ve worked on where there was a predominantly-women production team — all the way down to the cutting. It’s a ballsy, awesome stance for Björk to be like, "You know what ? Fuck the rules. I don’t care. I don’t have to have massive names on my record. I want to push women forward."

The Fader

Heba à propos de Björk

Björk is fucking cool. She’s always Björk. It’s not like she’s showing up to the studio in sweats and some ratty T-shirt. When Björk shows up, she looks like amazing, and it’s not intimidating. She really is her art. I don’t know what vitamins she takes but she’s on all the time. She’s very aware and always excited and emotional about what she does. There’s real thought and creative intent. Every single lyric, every single verse, every single sound.

The Fader

Björk à propos de son travail sur Fossora

dearest heba !!!
you went so above and beyond your job description on fossora !! i am so grateful !!!
both mixing and mastering this album with millions of re-calls .. your heart and soul is beating as well in this album ,
i am thankful how you really cared for it !
the mushroom-sonic-sub-bass is ours !!!
warmth ,