Mánakvöld at Smekkleysa Plötubúð

Mánakvöld at Smekkleysa Plötubúð

so extremely grateful to mica levi and Hyph11E for playing with me at the Smekkleysa Plötubúð record shop .
those were some of the best sets i´ve seen , mica NAILING it with their swagger clay like gangstah beats ..
it was an incredible summer solstice evening with SVBCVLT in reykjavík . i also would like to thank sideproject for their generous creative energies and bringing their generation to mánakvöld full moon evenings ... mushy as fuck with gratitude about that ... the theme from the beginning has been music for music lovers across genres , generations and genders and last night fully backed that up !!!


outfit by @chloeechn
mask James Merry
photo James Merry
styling @eddagud


  • Mica Levi