1 Stonemilker (6:49)
2 Lionsong (6:09)
3 History Of Touches (3:00)
4 Black Lake (10:09)
5 Family (8:02)
6 NotGet (6:27)
7 Atom Dance (Feat. Antony Hegarty) (8:10)
8 Mouth Mantra (6:10)
9 Quicksand (3:45)

Couverture de la version Deluxe

Vulnicura album


20 janvier 2015

8e album solo de Björk enregistré entre Reykjavík, Londres, New York et les Caraïbes. Cathartique et chronologique, l’album retrace la dislocation d’une relation amoureuse, de l’état de pré rupture jusqu’au processus de guérison. Ainsi les longs morceaux souvent mélancoliques, parfois rageurs aux paroles intimes mêlent orchestrations de cordes, harmonies vocales et rythmes électroniques.

Dates de sortie
20 janvier 2015 (digitale) | 16 mars 2015 (physique)

À propos de l’album

“C’est un album plus traditionnel que Biophilia du point de vue de l’écriture. (…) Il parle de ce qui peut arriver à une personne à la fin d’une relation. Il raconte les dialogues qu’on peut avoir dans la tête et dans le cœur, le processus de guérison, ce genre de choses.”

lesinrocks.com | Janvier 2015

J’espère que cet album documentera le cheminement intégral. Au final c’est une libération. Une fois sorti, il se révèle être un processus de guérison, c’est comme ça que je l’ai vécu.
Avec cet album, c’était une grosse surprise. Quand j’ai écouté les chansons, c’était presque comme un journal intime.

Pitchfork | Janvier 2015

"Well, the leak happened just a day after the record was mastered, so, the album was ready, you know ? I probably would have reacted differently if it hadn’t been, if the songs were half finished or the sound was off. But this just seemed right. It’s been such an unusual record for me, both in terms of the subject matter, and also just how quickly I made it. I started working with Alejandro [Ghersi, Arca, Björk’s collaborator on ‘Vulnicura’], and all of the sudden we had a record, before we knew it ! So when this happens, we’re just, “let’s release it, then !”
Everything about this record was a bit impulsive."

reykjavik grapevine | Janvier 2015

i guess i found in my lap one year into writing it a complete heartbreak album . kinda surprised how thoroughly i had documented this in pretty much accurate emotional chronology .... like 3 songs before a break up and three after . so the anthropologist in me sneaked in and i decided to share them as such . first i was worried it would be too self indulgent but then i felt it might make it even more universal . and hopefully the songs could be a help , a crutch to others and prove how biological this process is : the wound and the healing of the wound . psychologically and physically . it has a stubborn clock attached to it .
there is a way out
and then a magic thing happened to me : as i lost one thing something else entered . alejandro contacted me late summer 2013 and was interested in working with me . it was perfect timing . to make beats to the songs would have taken me 3 years ( like on vespertine ) but this enchanted arca would visit me repeatedly and only few months later we had a whole album !!! it is one of the most enjoyable collaboration i have had !
i then went ahead and wrote string and choir arrangements and recorded them in iceland
towards the end of the album i started looking around for a mixing engineer and was introduced by a mutual friend of ours , robin carolan to the haxan cloak . he mixed the album and also made a beat for one half of "family" . together with chris elms the engineer we kinda formed a band during the mixing process and this is the album we made !!!

facebook - Janvier 2015

‘It was kind of perfect timing – I mean, I’d given strings a 12-year break,’ she reflects. ‘When I came back to them, I felt a lot more confident, and arranging and transcribing felt much more natural. It’s the first time I’ve really done all the arrangements myself : coming up with the melodies, but also distributing the parts and printing out the scores. Oh yeah, and “doing the Italian” !’


It was my choice with Vulnicura to do the predictable : be a girl and moan about my boyfriend. I was like, there’s going to be three years of talking about this and it’s going to take a lot time to get out of that too. Once you play that game, they just want you in that role for a long time. It took me two years to write the album then I was like, OK let’s just do it and take it on. It will take me a while to undo it, but I will just take it on.

Noisey - Mai 2017


La police d’écriture de l’album, créée par M/M (Paris), est inspirée de celle utilisée pour Vespertine, mais en version abîmée.



Mastering : Mandy Parnell aux studios Blacksaloon
Cordes : U Strings
Pochette : Direction artistique et design par M/M (Paris) et photographie par Inez van Lamsweerde et Vinoodh Matadin



  • Anohni Hegarty
  • Arca
  • Chris Elms
  • Frank Cassata
  • Graduale Nobili
  • John Flynn
  • Maiko Takeda
  • Mandy Parnell
  • Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir
  • One Little Independent Records
  • Syren Couture
  • The Haxan Cloak
  • U Strings