the production of vespertine

i guess the first stage is i decided what the instrumentation was going to be ,

then i did about 80% of the beats with the help of programmers ( which means you bring noises or describe what kind of noises you want and then place them maticulously , sound by sound , in the places you want them to be in .) song structure decisions .

then i did the harp arrangements that zeena played adding her own arrangements in the songs where it is credited

then i did scetches of string arrangements that vince mendoza completed some and then orchestrated .

then i asked people like marius de vries and matthew herbert and matmos to add stuff after i had descibed to them what i was after .

the last stage is mixing , then you have perhaps up to 80 channels of stuff and the work of a producer is to pick what ends up in the song and what not .
on vespertine a lot off stuff was thown out . roughly i would guess about 60% .

i tried to be as brief as possible

i hope that answers your question


björk messageboard, 28-11-2001 - 10:00 GMT