Mouth Mantra VR

Jesse Kanda

Björk a travaillé avec le réalisateur Jesse Kanda qui a filmé de l’intérieur de sa bouche lorsqu’elle est en train de chanter. On y distingue ses dents et sa langue virevoltant, comme si elles vivaient leur propre vie.

Björk à propos du clip de Mouth Mantra

i am so extremely grateful to jesse to be up for going on this journey .... it was brave of him to take it on and i feel spoiled having witnessed him grow , making hi tech mouth models and inventing cameras all to match a little therapeutic song about the throat . his dedication and devotion is overwhelming !!!

i am especially grateful for those sassy dancefloor moments we managed to squeeze in there aswell : true magic !!

Dazed - décembre 2015

"We kind of started off filming in my mouth," explains Bjork. "I got sent to a dentist office and they put this goo in my mouth and they made a model which they then 3D printed in Japan in a bigger way, and then they made specially for this video this brand new, tiny 3D camera, and they put it inside the model and kind of waltzed around that other mouth. I’m not going to take full credit for having hosted the camera internally," she jokes. "But it is my mouth though, you get that from the shapes of the teeth." - juin 2016

Jesse Kanda à propos du clip de Mouth Mantra

The idea came from me wanting to create something as intimate as possible because Vulnicura, the album, the whole album, is really one of the most intimate things that I’ve ever heard. I felt the urge to try and mirror that in my way. The mouth, being Björk’s vessel from which she expresses her primary art, inspired me to try to do something with that. What I wanted to do was get all up in there. In the research phase, we were looking at all sorts of different tiny little cameras and endoscopes. It’s funny because it seems really obvious now, because the song is called ‘Mouth Mantra’.

Dazed - Septembre 2016

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