Notget VR

Warren du Preez et Nick Thornton Jones

Notget VR, réalisé par Warren Du Preez et Nick Thornton Jones met en scène Björk comme une sorte de papillon géant numérique, transformée par les masques sublimes de l’artiste James Merry.

Une première démo est présente depuis le début de la tournée Björk Digital, mais c’est à Reykjavík qu’une version plus avancée a été proposée pour la première fois.

Captures travail en cours


Premières captures de la vidéo au lancement de Björk Digital


« The ‘Notget’ experience uses a “real-time graphics engine”, and the context (the ‘world’ of the film clip, if you like) dynamically changes as you shift position. Just as importantly, this games engine is also creating a real time spatialised soundtrack : as you move closer to digital Björk, her voice gets louder, and as you walk away it gets a little more distant. »
TimeOut Sydney

The world premiere of Notget in VR combines high resolution 3D scans, on-location holostudio, motion capture and videogrammetry along with real-time special audio design that envelopes and embeds the user into Björk’s performance. These digital assets are blended together to create an ever evolving and changing digital form of particles, light and sound that inhabits the space with you. Vive and its room-scale VR tracking capabilities has allowed the team to create a performance piece that reacts and connects with the users as they are encouraged to explore the large physical space, creating a deep connection that only could be achieved and experienced in VR.

"The last piece, ‘Notget’ is a real departure creatively and technologically from the linear 360 films and uses the virtual reality real-time game engine in Unity, a fully featured high-end head mounted display, fast computers with powerful video graphics cards and room tracking cameras. This places the visitor into a mysterious, and dynamic computer generated environment featuring Björk in an amazing 3D motion capture performance directed by the visionary directors Nick Thornton Jones and Warren du Preez." Andrew Melchior, Third Space Agency - Alistdaily

“Bone-like structures were grown inside of the body volume to create an intricate and delicate looking anatomy representing decay, death, and vulnerability, We wanted the surfaces to alter materials, emit light and look interesting throughout the entire piece as it was driven by the underlying motion-capture performance. The dark, ominous atmosphere is dissolved as she literally grows into a light-charged entity surrounded by hypnotic fluid motions.” Matt Chandler, studio Analog - the creators project

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