13 juillet 2013


Ottawa, Canada


Björk landed at RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest on Saturday with a concert that should have carried an advisory that festival-goers would be in for something completely different.

Sporting a huge mane of frizzy red hair, the eccentric Icelandic singer-songwriter defied the unwritten rule of playing a Saturday night at a festival by delivering a show that was not designed to get people dancing, inspire a thirst for beer or otherwise stoke the party.

In fact, most people who witnessed the spectacle are probably still scratching their heads trying to figure out what it was designed to do. I can tell you it was theatrical, wacky and mind-blowing, complete with a choir in sparkly robes and a rarely-seen electrical contraption called a tesla coil, which buzzed and sparked over Björk’s head during certain songs.

Björk is touring to bring to life her most recent album, the ambitious 2011 offering Biophila, reportedly inspired by a desire to reflect on nature with the help of technology, whether it be electronic beats or an app for your phone.

After hiking in the Gatineaus this week, Björk performed with what appeared to be a renewed appreciation for her subject matter. With her cape blowing in the breeze, she began with the stirring Cosmogony, followed by the creeping Hunter and the tesla coil-fired Thunderbolt. Heirloom, Jogaa and Possibly Maybe, another tesla number, were also on the setlist. Without question, she was a compelling performer, prancing the length of the stage, waving her arms as she sang and chirping thank you between songs.

The beats got heavier towards the end, as bonfires of pyro added to the tribal feel of Nattura and Declare Independence. By that point, everyone was dancing.

source : digitallounge.ca



01. Cosmogony
02. Hunter
03. Thunderbolt
04. Moon
05. Crystalline
06. Hidden Place
07. Heirloom
08. Unravel
09. Jóga
10. Pagan Poetry
11. Possibly Maybe
12. Mutual Core
13. Hyperballad
14. Pluto
15. Nattura
16. Declare Independence

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