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The Juniper Tree en Blu-ray et DVD

Après une sortie au cinéma en version restaurée au printemps dernier, The Juniper Tree (Quand nous étions sorcières en France) est annoncée en Blu-ray et DVD du pour le 29 octobre 2019.

La Fnac propose pour l’occasion un combo Blu-ray + DVD en précommande avec en bonus 3 courts métrages inédits de Nietzchka Keene.

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merci mike pour l’info !



Björk en guest d’Arca au Shed

Arca, musicienne et collaboratrice de Björk, est actuellement au centre culturel The Shed pour une performance expérimentale en 4 actes intitulée : Mutant ;Faith. Et surprise hier soir, Björk a participé à la partie Ripples dans une robe signée ThreeASFOUR.

Björk a interprété un titre inédit en espagnol qui devrait se retrouver sur le nouvel album d’Arca à paraître. Voici un extrait de la performance :

et un retour en anglais sur la performance par batsounds :

it was something like that, very humble, very simple, the way arca announced her. the crowd went wild. no one could possibly imagine björk would make a surprise appearance as a singer at a chapter 3 of a fellow’s residency ! she walked to the stage very calmly and serene, singing her very well-known gibberish and ad libs. the song chosen is a new one, with elastic industrial aggressive dynamics, gorgeous melodies, almost absent of beats. björk used her wonder vocals to create an instant catchy song. do you know those kind of hopeful sounds ? this is what i am talking about. she did not save up any breath, she sang her heart out. she seemed very happy as arca introduced her profusely. she was wearing a metallic circle flower-like dress that fully covered her front head to toe. the fabric reminded me a bit of the one used on “the gate” by gucci. everytime she slightly bent over, you could see her face. she smiled for the entire song. think about “storm” goes emo. to cry for. start to end. i did. sobbing.

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⚠️⚠️⚠️Okay so this happened 💖💖💖 X @bjork 💖💖💖 at @arca1000000s concert💖💖💖get into it 🐈 🎆

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source : 4um / HöShI / / The Shed / Stereogum



Chat en direct et filtre sur Instagram

Björk était en direct sur Instagram cet après midi pour un questions-réponses. Elle en a profité pour parler de Vulnicura VR, de la sortie de Features Creatures mais également d’un nouvel album en préparation !

Dazed a retranscrit certains passages dont celui à propos de son travail sur de nouveaux morceaux :

I’m always writing, but I’m really slow. You’ve seen that I put an album out almost every three years, but I’m always working on something in the background. I’m careful in the first year or two because I don’t want to describe (the work) and make it into a visual thing – I try not to let the more analytical part of my brain take over. Then usually there’s a moment where I’ve finished the previous album and will sit down to listen to what I’ve got. Usually it’s the opposite of what I’m currently doing because I’m bored of that, although in some ways it’s a continuation. But right now I’m a long way from new music.

Le live est en replay sur son compte Instagram. A noter qu’elle arborait un masque créé par James Merry, disponible dans les filtres de l’application.



Sortie du vinyl Country Creatures

Après la sortie des remixes en version digitale, un vinyl en édition limitée est en précommande regroupant les 3 remixes de Björk, The Knife et Fever Ray. La livraison est prévue pour le 1er Novembre.

the knife and fever ray bring their signature styles to björk’s ‘features creatures’ in two intense remixes. fever ray’s moody and ethereal rework contrasts against the knife’s vigorous and pulsating take as each remix offers a unique perspective on björk’s original track.

as part of a creative exchange, björk has also remixed a track by fever ray.

tracklist :
a1. this country (björk remix)
a2. features creatures (fever ray remix)
b1. features creatures (the knife remix)

credits :
features creatures (fever ray remix) :
- remix by fever ray
- additional production by peder mannerfelt

features creatures (the knife remix) :
- remix by the knife
- mastered by mandy parnell at black saloon studios

En savoir plus sur la sortie Country Creatures



3 remixes par The Knife, Fever Ray et Björk

Surprise ! Les deux remixes inédits annoncés dans l’Utopia Bird Call boxset de Fever Ray et The Knife du titre Features Creatures sont en écoute sur les plateformes de streaming et de téléchargement.

Cerise sur le gâteau, un troisième remix, produit par Björk, du titre This Country Makes It Hard to Fuck de Fever Ray est également disponible.

Plus d’info sur le vinyl Country Creatures regroupant les 3 remixes



Sortie de Vulnicura VR cette semaine

En gestation depuis plus de 4 ans, la version complète de Vulnicura VR regroupant tous les titres de l’album est annoncée pour le 6 septembre sur la plateforme Steam. Plus d’infos sur

L’application sera présentée en avant-première dans un pop-up store à Londres le 5 septembre.

Voici le communiqué de cette nouvelle sortie :

i am so happy to share finally the complete version of vulnicura VR with all the songs now available in one place - it is a digital home for all the virtual reality videos we made , and will be released this friday 6th september

the VR videos have been touring museums around the world as part of the Björk Digital exhibition , but now that it is possible to put them all out on an accessible gaming platform available to everyone , i am thrilled for people to be able to download them in their own home

vulnicura VR has been a long journey which started when me and andy thomas huang started talking about how we wanted to document "stonemilker"

we then filmed it on a 360 camera on a beach in iceland in november 2014 . we werent sure how to share it because of how few owned VR headsets . we started by putting a dozen of headsets in Rough trade record shops in brooklyn and bethnal green and got really good reactions . i then got offered to do an exhibition in sydney and by june 2016 we brought headsets there with "stonemilker" , "notget" and "mouth mantra" and then adding live performance of "quicksand" with AR for tokyo july 2016 . the exhibition then travelled to london , montreal and reykjavík in the autumn where we added "black lake" and "family" . it has also been to los angeles , mexico city , houston , barcelona , moscow , poznan , buenos aires , bogota and it is currently travelling between 4 cities in brazil

the whole process has been an improvisation , trying to keep faith in formats . it is too easy for musicians to turn pessimistic after cds have evaporated but i wanted to try to have courage to grow along with how 360 sound and vision tech was growing . with every challenge try to turn it into an additional gift for the ideology in the music . these 7 VR videos are done with 6 different companies , 4 softwares 6 different directors . early in this journey it became obvious that the process for great 360 sound mastering did not exist so we had to invent our own on the way .... there were dozens of other similar challenges ......

i am someone who absolutely loves music and gets so moved by the sensation of it . when andy proposed filming stonemilker on the beach it was perhaps him tapping into how spatial and connected to nature my songs are . i wrote that song , walking on the same beach and filming it in 360 and sharing it in surround sound seems the most natural way to invite my listeners humbly into my music .

the themes for the digital animations were a collaborations of mine with james merry and i would like to thank him for being my co-pilot for the visual art direction for this whole thing . he is so enormously talented and has had the patience to listen to my endless tales about the psychology and the sensation of healing through my most difficult album to write to date : my heartbreak album . it came to my surprise how metaphysical and "selfhelpy" heartbreak-healing really is . there is a reason why mankind has talked about broken hearts for aeons . you physically feel as a part of your body has fallen apart , has been torn off . there literally is a chestwound that is sown together and healed . when i first was watching VR in 2014 , the way i recognized it´s strengths and weaknesses seem to match the album i had in my hands perfectly . when you put the headset on , it is very isolating . heartbreak is . it also gives an escapist relief . which heartbreak needs . but there is also a hidden quality i personally think is going to be the most unexplored in the future , the healing potential of VR . the amount of crying that was done into the headsets in sydney convinced me and james that we were on the right track , this was something people were experiencing on a visceral level

biophilia was educational , made partially for music schools and the touchscreens/ipads were perfect for this . when i first tried touchscreen in 2006 i felt i could finally share my 3d musicology . it offers opportunity to expand on the book , and things that are spatial and desperately need three dimensions in teaching like music , physics , math and more benefit from this .

VR is different , i personally feel its biggest strength is how penetrative it is physically . it is not a coincidence it was embraced by the porn industry . but the ways it can be very healing is for example in training damaged brain channels , neurology . and i feel it has extremely high potential for all things metaphysical , will probably excel in yoga , meditation , voice teaching , and all of the selfhelpy arts . because it is a very powerful extension of our body . if touch screen was our 3d book , this is our 3d body . our prosthetic aura we can fill with the air we want to be there ............

i would like to thank andrew melchior for setting up teams and introducing us to a plethora of tech

and all the directors to be up for this experiment , andy thomas huang , jesse kanda , nick thornton jones and warren du preez , inez & vinoodh, our japanese collaborators : dentsu and rhizomatiks . and stephen malinowski for his wonderful 3d notation animations

also mandy parnell and martin korth who pioneered our own take on the 360 mixing and mastering with me , solving and programming endless solutions

chris pike and chris elms were divine engineers on this

profound thanks to analog studios for going above and beyond in building this umbrella app to house everyone’s work

and also to protools and audiokinetic

i hope you enjoy this ......

as always i am grateful for your interest



Toutes les infos sur Vulnicura VR



Cornucopia en Scandinavie pour 3 nouvelles dates

Après 5 premières dates annoncées en Europe, 3 nouvelles étapes viennent d’être ajoutées à la tournée Cornucopia de décembre. Björk et sa troupe feront escale en Norvège, au Danemark et en Suède.

- Lundi 2 décembre au Spektrum d’Oslo
- Jeudi 5 décembre à la Royal Arena de Copenhague
- Dimanche 8 décembre à l’Ericsson Globe de Stockholm

Les places seront en vente à partir du 6 septembre et une prévente est prévue dès le 4 septembre pour les abonné·es de la newsletter.

Plus d’infos sur Cornucopia



Retour sur la résidence mexicaine pour Cornucopia

Après une première résidence au Shed à New York, le show Cornucopia s’est installé pour cinq dates à Mexico. Le concert s’est déroulé sur une scène construite spécialement à cette occasion dans le Parque Bicentenario.

Le spectacle reste identique à la version nord-américaine, seules quelques variations mineures sont à noter. Björk est toujours accompagnée sur scène de Manu Delago, Bergur Þórisson et de Viibra (complété par Sólveig Magnúsdóttir). Parmi les nouveautés, la harpiste Ruth Bennett a rejoint la troupe et les chœurs sont assurés par Staccato, une chorale universitaire mexicaine dirigée par Marco Antonio Ugalde.

La setlist est inchangée et Blissing Me est interprété en solo. La partie vidéo de Tobias Gremmler a été complétée par les visuels de Losss récemment dévoilés.

Côté stylisme et nouveautés : une robe orchidée de Balmain, un nouveau masque de James Merry et une perruque de la collaboratrice de longue date Shoplifter. La magnifique tenue "Sphaera" de Iris van Herpen apparait toujours lors du rappel.

Comme tous les concerts depuis plusieurs tournées, les photos officielles sont signées Santiago Felipe, dont voici une sélection :

Prochaine étape pour Cornucopia : l’Europe avec d’abord des dates en Belgique, au Luxembourg, au Royaume-Uni et en Irlande en novembre, puis la Scandinavie en décembre.

Toutes les infos sur le spectacle Cornucopia



Vulnicura VR arrive bientôt

La version utilisable à la maison de l’album de réalité virtuelle Vulnicura VR, développée par Analog Studios, arrive sur la plateforme Steam en septembre (sans date précise).

Elle nécessite l’un des casques de réalité virtuelle HTC Vive, Oculus Rift ou Valve Index. La configuration complète et des images de cette sortie sont disponibles sur le store Steam, le tout accompagné d’un message de Björk.

“ i am very excited for you to see the VR videos to Vulnicura. it felt natural to footsoldier into the private circus that virtual reality is, with material like this : vulnicura is the first album of mine that insisted for the songs to be in a certain chronological order, after they’d been written it became apparent that I’d unintentionally topped into the narrative of a greek tragedy . VR is not only a natural continuity to the music video but has a even more intimate theatrical potential , ideal for this emotional journey

 : fertility

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Utopia Bird Call Boxset

Surprise ! Voilà que débarque Utopia Bird Call Boxset, un coffret en version deluxe d’Utopia comprenant 14 appeaux, un livret de 8 pages et une clef USB remplie de contenu audio, vidéo et même pictural.

Ces appeaux en bois, faits à la main par la société française Quelle est belle company et sélectionnés par Björk, sont de petits instruments permettant de reproduire les chants d’oiseaux.

La clé flash usb

- Utopia (les 14 pistes de l’album)
- Arpegggio - une chanson inédite
- l’ensemble des remixes de l’époque Utopia dont 2 remixes inédits du morceau Features Creatures par les groupes Fever Ray et The Knife
- les vidéos d’Arisen my senses, The Gate, Tabula Rasa, Losss, Utopia, Blissing Me et un tutoriel vidéo pour utiliser les appeaux.
- des photos en 360° de Björk inédites

La sortie est prévue pour le 1er novembre 2019 et le coffret, déjà en précommande, est vendu au prix de £500.00.

Björk à propos du coffret

" utopia is so much about birdsong and sonically the mutation between synth/bird , bird/flute , flute/synth ....... air like that was a theme through all of the album . so i got very excited when i found these handmade wooden flutes imitating precisely particular birds . and i guess wanted you guys to have an opportunity to share that with me ........ enjoy !!! warmthness , björk "

Plus d’infos sur le coffret


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