Jesse Kanda

Arisen My Senses

A propos de la vidéo

For Arisen My Senses, Björk and Jesse Kanda drew on a strange and beautiful set of influences. “A couple of years ago, this giant unidentified creature washed up in Indonesia,” Jesse explains. “It was this gorgeous mound of white skin and fat and flesh in a pool of blood on a sunny beach. That really moved me – like total awe. It was the combination of something so catastrophic being so beautiful at the same time, the mystery and fantasy of what it actually was, and the connection to the grander ecological context.
“Björk had been playing a video of leopard slugs mating at her concerts, so I knew she and I both loved that as an image. And another kind of obsession I keep coming back to is amniotic sacks, and making sculptural work that depicts birth and death. But this is the first time I did birth, death and mating at the same time.”
It’s testament to Björk’s legacy that it’s not surprising to hear that in her new video she appears inside an enormous, writhing, alien-slug sculpture. What is surprising is that there is someone in London called Tristan Schoonraad who is the go-to man for making enormous, writhing, alien-slug sculptures.


Björk à propos du clip

Hi Björk ! In Arisen My Senses you change forms. If you could augment any part of your body, what would you do and why ?
When me and Jesse first talked about the video, I told him my instinct was that it was like flowers blooming on every beat of the music, and we, with James [Merry], talked a lot about orchids. I was probably really into being a plant and human mutant, an optimistic hybrid after the apocalypse — a little fucked up perhaps, but very happily so. James and me worked a lot on those which ended up on the photos and the other videos. Jesse then took it to the next level and turned to moths transforming into butterflies.
The video for Arisen My Senses is like a simultaneous life cycle. When life feels overwhelming, what do you do to make yourself feel better ?
Again and again I turn to music for everything. I try to put the right song on in the mornings and if I get the match right — not too eager and not too passive — it manages to elevate the day. But it is a constant trapeze act to be honest.

i-D - Mars 2018

Crédits complets

Directed by Jesse Kanda
Executive Producer Juliette Larthe
Produced by Hannah May
Production Manager Tom Manaton
Production Assistant Ella Knight
1st Assistant Director Bryony James
Director of Photography Rina Yang
Focus Puller Thom Nicolson
Grip Neil Blakesley
Gaffer Craig Davis
Additional Photography Karl Oskarsson
Production Designer Arthur De Borman
Sculpture art by Jesse Kanda
Prosthetics built by Lifecast
Lead Prosthetic Artist Tristan Schoonrad
Mask created by James Merry
Arca Styling by Ben Schofield
Hair by Mark Francome Painter
Make up by Andrew Gallimore
Edited by Leila Sarraf
Additional editing & online Jesse Kanda
Post production Jesse Kanda
Colour grading by Joseph Bicknell
Produced by PRETTYBIRD

Special thanks to :
True North, John Nolan, Trim Editing, Cheat, Island Studios, CLM, Panavision and Panalux