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Sous le nom de Current Value se cache un seul homme, l’allemand Tim Eliot. Officiant seul sous ce pseudo depuis 1998, il participe à d’autres groupes en parallèle et accompagné.

Collaborateur de dernière minute sur Biophilia, Leila l’a présenté à Björk lorsqu’elle a voulu remanier certains détails de son album.

Travail avec Björk


À propos de son travail avec Björk

MethLab // What was it like collaborating with Bjork ? Where you sharing the studio, or was it a distance collaboration ? How much input did she have on your beats for Sacrifice ?
CV // It was a distance work from my side creating the beats but I didn’t touch the mix of the tune. I got contacted by Bjork’s manager who told me that Bjork wanted to sample beats of my tune "The Good" out on my Tech Freak LP. I replied with a clear "no" offering to create a similar beat as close as possible to the one in "The Good". The thing was that they were running out of time and it was literally the last night before the Biophilia album mastering ! So I recreated the beat that same night and sent it to them. Later they requested me to render the single parts of this beat for the iPad/iPhone/iPod - App.
MethLab // Having worked with Bjork, and then being first in line for the Biophilia remix series, it seems like you are reaching the top of your game. Where will you go from here ?

CV // Yeah, I’m really happy about that as I got two parts (pt 1 and pt 4) of the remix series providing four remixes for them. So let’s say "Im aiming high" as for collaborations and remixes in the future :) !



One of the album’s best tracks is a dubstep version of ’Solstice’ by Current Value. Is Björk joining the likes of Korn, Cypress Hill and Muse on the dubstep bandwagon ? "The dubstep sound appeals to me," she nods. "I like it because it’s quite prankster-like - it’s trying to surprise you." Would she work with Skrillex, arguably the world’s biggest pedlar (and bastardiser) of the genre ? "I bumped into Skrillex at a festival," she laughs. "We did talk about maybe doing remixes, so I don’t know, but sometimes after a few drinks there’s a lot of talk..."

NME - Novembre 2012