David Lachapelle 2001

David Lachapelle

When we met, we hit it off really well and it was a really fun day. I saw her a week before the shoot at this art thing in L.A. and I said to her, “We’re getting these swan dresses.” She looked at me really funny. Then I realized, right after the shoot was the Academy Awards where she wore the swan dress by [Marjan Pejoski] and that must’ve already been planned out when I brought it up because she looked at me really funny. We asked the same designer for the dress independently ! It’s really interesting when these super intuitive, synchronistic things happen. I love that in photography. It’s the best when you work with people and it’s a visual extension of their music. Björk is so visual anyway, it’s really an exciting collaboration when you photograph someone and it works out so great.

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