Miranda Penn Turin


Björk came to my apartment for our Alternative Press shoot and immediately curled up and took a nap. She then popped up, put on her Ima Sumac mixed tape and danced for the entire shoot. She also styled herself out of a huge suitcase and did her own hair and makeup.

Miranda Penn Turin - instagram

Shot in my West Village apartment in 1999 - Björk put this outfit together out of a giant suitcase she brought with her. No glam, no stylist. Icelanders the driest, funniest, coolest people, and she is no exception - she was amazing.

Miranda Penn Turin - instagram

Björk was lying on this huge ligne rosee chair that I’d covered with black velvet and I was shooting down at her - it looked like she was floating. It was like a little dance performance - she hit so many cool poses in this one setup that I’ve always shown it as multiple images.

Miranda Penn Turin - instagram

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