Mise en vente des billets pour les concerts Björk Orkestral

Après une prévente réservée aux fans, la billetterie est officiellement ouverte pour les 3 concerts caritatifs en Islande au mois d’août. Björk en a profité pour diffuser une vidéo en islandais dans sa story Instagram.

Les places physiques sont disponibles à l’unité ou en package de 3 et il est également possible de réserver sa place virtuellement pour le livestream des 3 concerts (unité ou pack).

20 % des profits des ventes du livetream seront reversés à des actions caritatives dont le foyer islandais Kvennaathvarfið qui aide notamment les femmes migrantes.

Réserver votre place physique ou virtuelle pour Björk Orkestral

dear friends
i would like to invite you to some concerts
to honour folks who got hit hardest in the coronavirus and the black lives matter movement
and to honour how many icelandic musicians i have worked with through the years
i recorded almost all of my albums with local musicians :
homogenic with an icelandic string octet medulla with schola cantorum ( an icelandic mixed choir ) volta with 10 brass girls i found all over the island and then later they formed wonderbrass biophilia with langholt´s church girl choir graduale nobili vulnicura with a 15 piece string ensemble utopia with 12 female fluteplayers who later formed the flute septet viibra cornucopia with hamrahlíð´s choir conducted by þorgerður ingólfsdóttir all these albums where then performed all around the planet with these musicians together they are over hundred people !!
and we are going to celebrate that we are all healthily exiting quarantine together by playing concerts in harpa music hall for 3 weekends of august
my input into the feminist fight is to brag about that almost all of those arrangements are by me unfortunately this is something that is almost always ignored when women are arrangers
the concerts will be in the afternoons and will also be streamed live online, where there will be an option to donate to the icelandic women’s shelter - which supports women of all origin in iceland
for those attending in person, after the concert we will be offering food to raise money in support of this charity
the concerts will be "unplugged" or acoustic and performed without beats and electronics the concerts will be performed with the icelandic symphony orchestra and guests
i feel we are going through extraordinary times horrifying but also an opportunity to truly change it is demanded of us that we finally confront all racism that we learn that lives are more important that profit and look inside us and finecomb out all our hidden prejudices and privileges
let´s all humbly learn together
humongous love


3 juillet 2020

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