2 mai 2007

Radio City Music Hall

New York, États-Unis


Bjork, whose onstage comments were minimal, was in particularly powerful voice, even if she did need to occasionally strain to be heard over the loud, bass-heavy sound mix. She frequently hopped and ran in place with a physicality that apparently extended to Antony, who in their superb debut Dull Flame of Desire manically jumped up and down as if he was being fed electrical charges.

The show featured more than its share of quiet but still-powerful moments as well, like Bjork’s tremulous rendition of "I See Who You Are," accompanied by Min’s delicate playing.

The physical production, featuring video screens, swirling lights and elaborate laser projections, well complemented the enveloping power of the music.
source : Björk begins American tour in top form, Frank Scheck, Reuters, 04/05/2007



01. Earth Intruders (avec Konono n°1)
02. Venus as a Boy
03. Aurora
04. I See Who You Are (avec Min Xiao-Fen)
05. Oceania
06. Dull Flame of Desire (avec Antony Hegarty)
07. All is Full of Love
08. The Pleasure is All Mine
09. Pagan Poetry
10. Jóga
11. Where is the Line
12. Army of Me
13. Innocence
14. Wanderlust
15. Pluto
16. Anchor Song
17. Declare Independence

sur scène

  • Anohni Hegarty
  • Chris Corsano
  • Damian Taylor
  • Jónas Sen
  • Konono n°1
  • Mark Bell
  • Min Xiao-Fen
  • Wonderbrass (Icelandic Brass Section)

habillée par

  • Bernhard Willhelm