8 juin 2013

Hollywood Palladium

Los Angeles, États-Unis
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Dernier concert intimiste en configuration centrale pour Biophilia.

Björk à propos de ce concert

im mushy and proud to be doing the last biophilia show in-the-round in california tonight . so far we´ve done manchester , reykjavík , new york , buenos aires and paris . only city left is tokyo .

biophilia has been a rewarding , complex and fertile beast . i feel at this point that the place where it has been at it´s best is the apps ( still cant believe we did that ! so fun ! ) the educational program for the kids where it really took off internationally and in the round shows . i´ve realized that this project is kinda my opera , quite theatrical and the ideal setting for it is amongst the instruments that were specially made for it and played for a small crowd who kinda merge with the choir and the musicians . to do it in the round is essential somehow , then there is no front and no back and and people can swirl in orbit around the stage , take a look at the pendulums and take part .

there will be some festival shows as well this summer , but they are different , more older songs mixed in , less biophilia . but fun ! im especially excited about the canadian festivals with mykki blanco and deathgrips !!

thanks AMERICA in-the-round ( north and south ) , you´ve been mental !!

ASIA , here i come !!

warmth and gratitude



01. Óskasteinar
02. Thunderbolt
03. Moon
04. Crystalline
05. Hollow
06. Dark Matter
07. Hidden Place
08. Hunter
09. Virus
10. Isobel
11. Generous Palmstroke
12. Sacrifice
13. Pagan Poetry
14. Mutual Core
15. Cosmogony
16. Solstice
17. One Day remplacé par Possibly Maybe
18. Náttúra
19. Declare Independence

sur scène

  • Graduale Nobili
  • Manu Delago
  • Matt Robertson
  • Zeena Parkins


habillée par

  • Iris van Herpen