Arca à propos de sa collaboration avec Björk

Dans un interview pour Pitchfork, Arca évoque sa participation sur le nouvel album de Björk.

Arca, qui rêvait de collaborer avec Björk, évoque aussi leur rencontre par hasard via sa mixtape &&&&& envoyée à l’un de ses collaborateurs. Après une première entrevue à Londres, à la demande de Björk, il s’est chargé de mixer lors de l’after party de la fin de tournée Biophilia.

Au sujet du nouvel album, Arca reste relativement évasif. Il semble avoir apprécié leur collaboration.

Voici le passage à propos de leur rencontre et de leur collaboration :

Pitchfork : You’ve also said you’re working with Björk on her next album. How did you meet ?
AG : It was serendipitous. Three years ago, my manager asked me : “Who do you want to work with ?” The first person I named was Björk. I also said André 3000 and Missy [Elliott]. He was like, “OK, but we’re realistically not going to be able to do that.” And then, after &&&&& came out, he sent it to one of Björk’s collaborators without even telling me. In a very beautiful and graceful way, she reached out to say that she had appreciated it. I was walking through some marshes with [my boyfriend] Daniel and I got this email and I just cried. I couldn’t believe it.

Then we met in London. She’d just finished her tour and asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested in DJing an after party to celebrate. I just kind of rolled up my sleeves and, as humbly as I could, said I would love to.

Pitchfork : What does that collaboration sound like ?
AG : It’s not really my music, so it’s difficult to answer. I’m just a tiny piece of the equation. But it’s been completely healing spending time and working with her ; listening to her music changed the way I write, since I was really young. It’s as simple as that. Imagine making a new friend that is into the same kind of music as you. It’s very innocent, you know ?

L’interview complète en anglais à lire sur Pitchfork.

16 octobre 2014

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