You know of all the warmth
You feel all the heat
You know that I love you
You know that I must go

I go and hunt for food
And come back loaded with meat
With berries and feathers and pearls
And little eiffel towers

I come and kiss and kiss
Kiss and rub the neck
And when and when I come
And when and when

You know that I need you
You know that I’m yours
Ho-oh-oh oh, you...
a-that I love you
You know that I’m yours
Ho-oh, wooh-oh oh
When he comes

Th-That I love you

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B-side de la cassette Human Behaviour, publiée également sur la version japonaise de Debut. Souvent interprété lors de la tournée Debut, le titre est disponible sur Vessel.


Production, écriture : Björk
Direction : Martin Virgo
Flûte à bec : William Lyons

Version en islandais