Edda Guðmundsdóttir


Medúlla Utopia


  • Tournée Utopia 2018
  • Tournée Cornucopia 2019-2023

Edda Guðmundsdóttir

Consultante mode - Stylisme

Consultante mode depuis de nombreuses années pour les tenues de scène et les apparitions publiques de Björk, Edda Guðmundsdóttir collabore aussi avec Bernhard Willhelm et plus récemment serpentwithfeet.

Travail avec Björk

Tournée Utopia : the costumes chosen by Edda Guðmundsdóttir were made from a mix of white recycled plastic and "sensual peach hairiness".

source : dezeen.com

Leur rencontre

How did you first come to work with Björk ?
Edda Gudmundsdottir : Actually, we grew up together in Iceland – we went to the same school and had a lot of mutual friends while growing up. At that time there wasn’t much for teenagers growing up in Reykjavik to do, so on weekends we would go downtown and just walk round in circles while drinking homemade alcohol mixtures with fruits that had been marinated in it for days. We’d spend hours hanging out with friends and partying, and talking about punk music and clothes.

source : dazeddigital


Edda Guðmundsdóttir apparait dans le clip de Who is it ?