Here’s my version of it, internal whirlwind
Here’s my version of it, internal whirlwind
Here’s my version of it, internal whirlwind

Whats the lesser of 2 evils ?
If a suicide bomber made to look pregnant
Manages to kill her target or not ?
Whats the lesser of 2 evils ?

Whats the lesser of 2 evils ?
If she kills them or dies in vain ?
Nature has fixed no limits on our hopes
Whats the lesser of 2 evils ?

Whats the lesser of 2 evils ?
If her bump was fake or if it was real ?

Here’s my version of it, internal whirlwind
I have fostered since childhood

Well, i dont care
Love is all
I dare to drown
To be proven wrong

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Ecriture : Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley & Björk
Production : Björk
Programmation, ingénieur du son : Damian Taylor
Clavichord, sine bass, programmation et édition : Björk
Kora : Toumani Diabaté
Bass drums : Nate Dangerhands

Björk à propos du titre

« Timbaland a composé un beat pour Hope, sur lequel j’ai chanté, et que j’ai ensuite hachuré puis réintégré au morceau : au final, cela sonne d’une manière beaucoup plus chaotique que prévu. Sur son beat initial, les sons les plus bas surgissaient d’une manière irrégulière, jouant avec la stéréo. J’ai ensuite écrit une ligne de basse, par dessus laquelle Toumani Diabaté a joué de la kora. » (Interview pitchforkmedia Mars 2007)

One of the most challenging songs is Hope, which describes issues raised by a pregnant Palestinian suicide bomber. It features Toumani Diabatéand more of Timbaland’s beats.

« We were due to record it and I imagined Toumani was thinking about setting up microphones and doing run-throughs. But then, at six o’clock, he brings out the prayer mat and goes down on his knees. Suddenly I’m thinking to myself, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing making a song about a pregnant suicide bomber with a Muslim in Mali ?’ »

She sat down with him to discuss this potential faux-pas. « Obviously, he’s a very educated man and he just said that these things needed to be addressed. So he says, ‘Great, do it.’ He’s an incredible person, so graceful and generous with a gentle spirit. »
source : Björk ... Iceland’s Cool Queen, The Sun, 05/05/2007

« For me, writing the lyrics was an emotional thing. Obviously, it’s about such a traumatic event and then to put it in a ballad I found really funny. It’s just my warped sense of humour singing a ballad and singing something that would be (she puts on her best warbling Celine Dion voice) ’I love you, I want to have dinner with you’ and then you’re actually singing about a pregnant suicide bomber, I just find that very funny. » theage.com.au - Janvier 2008