Hussein Chalayan Airmail Jacket



Hussein Chalayan Airmail Jacket
Originally,on our first talks I wanted Björk to be surrounded by her personal possession from her home, but Paul White the art director proposed to build a castle made of cards (postcards). Björk liked the idea but my problem was that a structure of postcards might be a bit stiff so I suggested to hang the cards and let them move with the wind. You see sometimes on those outtakes ( like here on the bottom right) people on the floor trying to control the movements.

Collection : automne hiver 1994

[…] I wanted it to look like a chinese street or japanese street fair. I proposed to Björk to wear a kimono. […] she had a cute chinese pink dress you can see in Possibly Maybe, […]. But she preferred the airmail jacket from Hussein Chalayan for the concept of the album.[…] looking back the kimono might have been too much as the picture is already quite busy. […]

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