Interview dans Harp magazine

Harp magazine publie une longue interview dans son numéro de Novembre 2007 :

« I am actually quite conservative about a lot of things. People only seem to see me as weird but there are a lot of things about me that have never changed. People also seem to notice the difference in my albums, that each one is totally different, which is only partly true. There are many connections on Volta to two points in my musical life : when I was in KUKL between 1982 and 1984, and the electronic years 1992-1994. Those are the two most cathartic music styles for me — the cacophonic energy of KUKL and the trance-like fuel of rave. Things go in circles like that. “Wanderlust,” for example, is a sort of continuity of “Hyperballad.” When Timbaland came up with the beat for “Earth Intruders” it reminded me of KUKL’s years. But I don’t think of it so much as being nostalgic. It’s sort of weaving in time. Life is just like that, nothing to do with me really. It is not like I have a choice. But I feel it is OK to have a couple of reference points like that from the past if its purpose is to catapult you into the future. You just have to add stuff to it. »

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26 octobre 2007

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